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Best time of year to visit Germany

Late spring and early autumn seem to be the best time to visit Germany. Shoulder season brings fewer crowds, lower prices, and fantastic occasions like Carnival of Cultures or Berlin Festival of Lights. The weather from June through mid-September is warmest, but it's the time with most rainfall and tourists, so book accommodation in advance and pack well. Two weeks of rattling Oktoberfest in autumn might be your best or worst time in Germany depending on the perception; otherwise, autumn months see lower prices and fewer tourists. Winter brings skiing and Christmas markets that will warm you up with festive mood and mulled wine.



September 22–October 07, 2018 • event

The most famous beer festival in the world welcomes everyone to enjoy Bavarian culture, rivers of beer, and great traditional cuisine

Castles and Nature

May–November • nature

Bavaria is a country of castles and you'll have the chance to discover all of them

Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival

August 31–November 04, 2018 • event

Germans are totally into pumpkins. You can check it out at the largest pumpkin festival in the world


September 12–October 14, 2018 • event

A unique event held annually in Bavaria. When cows come back home, the locals greet them and celebrate their return

Badeschiff Bathing Season

May–September • activity

One of the best recreation areas during hot summers close to the center of Berlin


April–October • activity

Discover and enjoy the beauty of nature and wildlife in this gorgeous Alpine region


May–October • activity

Enjoy classical and sport routes, via-ferratas, and some bouldering suitable for climbers of any experience level


Carnival of Cultures

May 08–21, 2018 • event

See the Berlin streets come to life while the colorful kaleidoscope swirls you in a bright wild dance!

Fête de la Musique

June 21 • event

The beginning of summer is a great time to be in Berlin, celebrated by Berliners with an open air music festival, the Fête de la Musique. You can listen to countless live music performances in the streets of Berlin for free

Rock am Ring and Rock im Park

June 01–03, 2018 • event

Two huge rock events at the same time and almost in the same place? Yes, please!

Krampus Nacht and Krampus Run

December 05 • event

This scary demon can frighten even adults, so be sure you are ready to meet Krampus!

Berlin Festival of Lights

October 05–14, 2018 • event

Witness one of the most spectacular events in Berlin and immerse yourself in the magnificent light art!

Rhine in Flames (Rhein in Flammen)

August 11, 2018 | September 08, 2018 | September 15, 2018 | May 04, 2019 • event

These amazing firework displays take place at several locations along the river Rhine


February 18, 2018 • event

The reflection of bonfires set along the riverbank and the magical colours of the evening sky is something not to miss. Don't miss this authentic and unique tradition of driving away the spirits of winter in the Allgau region

Christmas Market Foods

late November–December • food

Visit Bavaria's picturesque Christmas markets and enjoy some great traditional food, sweets, and drinks


March 04–05, 2019 • event

Immerse yourself to a German version of Mardi Gras! Don't forget to wear a costume and a mask!

Bayreuth Festival

July 25–August 29, 2018 • event

Feel the atmosphere of the most prestigious opera festival dedicated to a single composer–Richard Wagner

Almond Blossom Along the Wine Route

March–April • nature

The arrival of pink and white almond blossoms at the German Wine Route is a sure sign of spring

Christmas Markets

late November–December • activity

Berlin is a true capital of famous German Christmas markets. So much to wander around and enjoy!

Berlin Biennale

June 09–September 09, 2018 • event

Every other year numerous Berlin venues turn into contemporary art galleries

St. Martin's Day

November 10–November 11 • event

Get your portion of family warmth sitting by the Martinsfeuer


May 18–21, 2018 • event

Watch Leipzig all dressed up in black at the world's largest goth festival

Maypole (Maibaum)

May 01 • event

Check out this significant occasion to celebrate with local folklore groups and all the villagers dressed in their most exquisite traditional costumes

Kiel Week (Kieler Woche)

June 22–30, 2019 • event

Don't miss a chance to observe a long line of hundred-year-old sailing vessels

New Year's Ski Jumping (Neujahrsskispringen)

December 31 2017–January 01 2018 • event

Share the best ski jumping moment at the Olympic Ski Stadium in Garmisch-Partenkirchen with over 20,000 winter sports enthusiasts

Floating Beer Garden (Isar Floßfahrt)

May–mid-September • activity

Enjoy a journey on a traditional raft with music, dancing, and lots of fun

New Year's Eve or Silvester

December 31–January 01 • event

Berlin is one of the best destinations in Europe for celebrating New Year's Eve

Berlinale—Berlin International Film Festival

February 07–17, 2019 • event

The Berlinale is the city's most glamorous film event. With more than 400 films shown, it attracts the film industry elite as well as one of the biggest audiences of the world film festivals

Landshut Wedding (Landshuter Hochzeit) 1475

summer (TBA) 2021 • event

Immerse yourself in a medieval wedding celebration held in Landshut, Bavaria

CSD Berlin or Berlin Pride

July 28, 2018 • event

Berlin Pride, referred to as “Christopher Street Day” (CSD in short) features two major events—the CSD Demo March and CSD Finale, a big final rally

Skiing at Zugspitze

November–April • activity

The highest mountain in Germany presents an unforgettable view

Asparagus Season

mid-April–June • food

Welcome the springtime with the first German spring vegetable

Pyronale Fireworks World Championship

August 31–September 01, 2018 • event

Witness a great fireworks competition where international teams try to get recognition of the jury and support from the spectators with their breathtaking pyrotechnic displays

Toad Migration

March–April • nature

Have you ever noticed a traffic sign with a frog on it?

Day of German Unity

October 03 • event

Berliners celebrate the national holiday with a festival around Brandenburg Gate


April 20–22, 2019 • event

Open spring season with Easter celebrations in Travemünde, a small German seaside town

BMW Berlin Marathon

September 16, 2018 • event

Berlin, the city of runners, hosts one of the most popular marathons in the world


August 22–25, 2018 • event

All passionate gamers flock to the most remarkable video game fair in Europe!