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Funkensonntag 2024

The reflection of bonfires set along the riverbank and the magical colours of the evening sky is something not to miss. Don't miss this authentic and unique tradition of driving away the spirits of winter in the Allgau region

Dates: February 18, 2024


A tradition called “Funkensonntag,” takes place every year at the end of Fasching season. In the Allgäu region, on the first Sunday after Ash Wednesday, huge bonfires are lit along the bank of Iller river. This authentic ritual, which dates back to pre-Christian times, is said to drive away winter. It is also one of the most romantic evenings in this region. Lots of locals and visitors come to observe the magic of fire and water. Everything starts when the sun goes down and the skies are lit with red and golden flames from the beacons. It is also a time when local people bake a special type of doughnut, called “Funka-Kiechla.“ So don't miss the chance to try one while spending the evening at the riverbank and enjoying the view.

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