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Saint Agata Festival 2023

The celebration of the Catania ma​​rtyr is one of the central events in this region of Sicily


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Visit Catania when the celebrations of St Agata take place, and you will never think of religious events in the same way again. The festivities take about three days and attract almost a million people to the city. Each day has its own meaning and a special event connected to it. On the first day, 11 huge candles weighing up to 1,000 kg are carried through the streets, while the crowds are cheering and the marching band is accompanying. The day finishes with fireworks and singing.

The second day the statue of St Agata is carried out on the street. The statue stops at every place that is somehow connected to the life of the saint. On the last day, the statue is carried out again and, after another procession around the town, it is brought to the steep Via San Giuliano. The carriers then run up and down with the statue to show the courage, faith, and devotion to the saint, while the crowd is cheering. These three days finish with enormous fireworks and a great party.​

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