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Saint Anthony's Day 2024

Watch dancing demons, try eel ensaimada, and have your dog blessed in Mallorca on the Sant Antoni celebrations

Saint Anthony's Day
Saint Anthony's Day
Saint Anthony's Day
Saint Anthony's Day

Saint Anthony is one of the most important figures in Mallorca's history and traditions. He is commemorated on the 17th of January, but the celebration itself starts the day before.

During the night people light huge bonfires, make delicious barbeque, watch how costumed demons and devils dance through the streets, and take part in a dancing party at the central city squares.

Many Mallorcan villages also preserve other specific customs. In Sa Pobla, after the religious mass, a "clamator" starts the beginning of the festivity. Only then demons and caparrots (bigheads) start their dance called Correfoc, and delicious ensaimada with eel, eel greixonera, and rice poble are served.

In the town of Artà a celebration starts in the early morning. A special breakfast "Berenar Calobre" is prepared for the St. Anthony's Day—hot chocolate, ensaimada, and St. Anthony's Coca made with boiled potato and longaniza sausage. And, of course, there is a traditional devil dance, make sure to see it when you are there on St. Antony Day.

Inhabitants of Pollenca treat St. Anthony with a custom called Es Pi de Ternelles. They visit the mountain property of Ternelles and carry a huge pine tree from there to the city square. Afterwards, all branches are removed and tree trunk is covered in soap. The person who manages to climb the top of the trunk is rewarded.

On the 17th, when the actual St. Anthony's Day is celebrated, Beneïdes (blessing of animals) are held all across Mallorca. This tradition is about blessing all animals—horses, cattle, birds, dogs and so on. One can even observe animal parades in some cities.

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