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Diwali, Festival of Lights 2019

As Christmas to Christians, Diwali is as important to Hindus

Diwali, Festival of Lights in Taj Mahal and Agra  2019 - Best Time
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For Hindus, celebrating the victory of good over evil is a major festival and quite important. This unique festival of light marks the return of Lord Rama in Ayodhya after killing Ravana.

Diwali is celebrated in October or November each year, 20 days after Dussehra. It originated as a harvest festival that marked the last harvest of the year before winter. The day after Diwali means the first day of the new financial year. During this holiday Hindus worship Lakshmi.

Diwali, Festival of Lights in Taj Mahal and Agra  - Best Season 2019

In South India, Diwali is a one-day celebration, while most northern and north-west territories enjoy five days of the festival. Each day is marked it in a special way: cleaning the home, shopping for gold or kitchen utensils, opening doors and windows, glittering clay lamps, hanging electric lights to invite Lakshmi in, family gatherings for praying for Lakshmi puja, visiting relatives and having a lavish meal. During the evenings Hindus light bonfires and launch festive fireworks. There is also a tradition of sharing sweets.