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Greek Orthodox Easter and Holy Week 2020

Easter is one of the main Greek celebrations, but on Santorini the traditions are most authentical and spiritual

Greek Orthodox Easter and Holy Week in Santorini 2020 - Best Time

Klearchos Kapoutsis

Usually, Greek Orthodox Easter occurs on the different weekend than Catholic and begins with a solemn Holy Week that ends with grotesque Good Friday and a massive celebration on Easter Sunday. Many different events are organized during the Easter Week, with most beautiful traditions in the Pyrgos village. There, by the end of the Holy Week, every house is illuminated with dozens of candlelight, and processions wander through the streets.

Greek Orthodox Easter and Holy Week in Santorini - Best Season 2020

In Megalochori a great feast is held on the Saturday of Lazarus, right at the central square of the village. A huge 12-m cross is decorated with flowers. In Oia, the picturesque church of Panagia Platsani is the center of Easter celebrations and ceremonies. Most villages mark Holy Friday with a procession of the epitaph. In Fira, there are two epitaph processions that meet in the central square. Easter preparations all over Santorini also includes white-washing houses and decorating churches with flowers. On Thursday women bake special pastry tsourekia and melitinia.

One of the unique traditions here occurs on Easter Sunday. While the priest is giving his speech the patrons of the church throw fireworks in the yard. The church organizes most of the events, and families also celebrate the holiday with some traditional Easter food. Remember, though, that this is a public holiday when most businesses close.

Best time for Greek Orthodox Easter and Holy Week in Santorini 2020
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