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Best time to visit Santorini

Wine Making Season

Santorini boasts best wine production on Cyclades


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Thanks to the special soil conditions Santorini has, the wine produced here has a distinctively good taste. Apart from good climate and soil conditions, a unique way of growing wine is employed on the island. The method used is the bush training system or koulara. The vine is growing in such a way that it forms a woven-in bush, where the grapes are guarded by the leaves. When such bushes grow, it is almost impossible to distinguish the sort of the vine before the grapes are harvested. Moreover, the vine bushes look more like neglected bushes to an unknowing eye. However, the grapes grown in such a way are full of divine taste. The most famous Santorini wine is Vinsanto, grapes for which are dried in the sun for 12-14 days.

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