Best time to visit Santorini

Wine Making Season in Santorini

Santorini boasts best wine production on Cyclades

Best time: mid-August–September

Wine Making Season
Wine Making Season
Wine Making Season

Thanks to the special soil conditions Santorini has, the wine produced here has a distinctively good taste. Apart from good climate and soil conditions, a unique way of growing wine is employed on the island. The method used is the bush training system or koulara. The vine is growing in such a way that it forms a woven-in bush, where the grapes are guarded by the leaves. When such bushes grow, it is almost impossible to distinguish the sort of the vine before the grapes are harvested. Moreover, the vine bushes look more like neglected bushes to an unknowing eye. However, the grapes grown in such a way are full of divine taste. The most famous Santorini wine is Vinsanto, grapes for which are dried in the sun for 12-14 days.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Santorini for wine-making season?

For wine lovers, mid-August to September is an ideal time to visit Santorini. These months mark the wine-making season when grapes are harvested, and wineries are in full production swing. Aside from exploring vineyards and learning about wine production, you can join wine tastings, festivals, and other wine-related events during this period. Experience the unique wine culture in Santorini by visiting the island's wineries and participating in various wine activities. Show more

Where can you find the best Vinsanto wine in Santorini?

Pyrgos village is the go-to place for the best Vinsanto in Santorini. It houses several wine producers, with Santo Wines being the most popular. You can sample some of Santorini's best wines here. In Pyrgos, most wineries are family-run and offer guided tours of their vineyards. You can also find Vinsanto and other types of wine in traditional tavernas throughout the island. Indulge your palate and savor the unique flavors of Santorini's wine varieties. Show more

What makes the soil conditions in Santorini unique for wine production?

The soil conditions in Santorini are perfect for vineyard cultivation due to the island's volcanic activity. Soil is rich in minerals, thanks to the volcanic ash and pumice. The porous soil efficiently absorbs and retains moisture, creating an ideal environment for grape-growing. Additionally, Santorini's location and local weather conditions make it less prone to common vine diseases that affect other regions worldwide, making it the perfect spot for wine production. Show more

How is the bush training system different from other vineyard growing methods?

Santorini's unique bush training system, or kouloura, is an ancient method of vineyard cultivation. This technique involves weaving the vine into a circular shape, creating a basket or crown around the vine. The vine grows like a bush, shielding the grapes from the island's strong winds and sunlight, preventing sunburn. As a result, the bush training method significantly enhances quality and quantity, yielding grapes with unique flavors that can only be found on the island. Show more

What are some other types of wine produced in Santorini besides Vinsanto?

Vinsanto is not the only wine Santorini produces. Assyrtiko, a white wine with a citrus, lemon, and mineral taste, regarded as one of Greece's finest wines, is also produced on the island. Nykteri, another white wine, is made from Assyrtiko grapes; however, it is crispy and enjoyable for wine enthusiasts. Mavrotragano, a rare red wine, is produced only in Santorini, renowned for its unique flavor profile, making it a favorite among wine collectors. Show more

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