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Harvest in Montmartre Vineyard in Paris

Would you believe that a piece of the countryside could be concealed right in downtown Paris?

Best time: late September–early October

Harvest in Montmartre Vineyard
Harvest in Montmartre Vineyard
Harvest in Montmartre Vineyard
Harvest in Montmartre Vineyard
Harvest in Montmartre Vineyard

Few people know it, but there is an operating vineyard concealed in the popular Paris district of Montmartre, just a few blocks from the busiest city streets. Though the wine it produces is not especially praised by gourmets, the secret vineyard in the middle of the city represents in itself an extraordinary attraction to see.

The area is open for visitors during the months of September and October when grapes are being harvested. In those days the normally silent Montmartre vineyard becomes really noisy as it hosts a range of wine festivals. The most prominent thing is the Fête des Vendanges. This five-day wine celebration takes place in several venues around Montmartre.

Practical info

Where is the Montmartre Vineyard location?

Located on a hill in the northern part of the city, the Montmartre Vineyard can be found in the charming streets of the Montmartre district in Paris. The vineyard is a few blocks away from the busiest city streets and offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the area's cafes, boutiques and culture. Show more

What's the best Montmartre Vineyard visiting time?

Late September to early October is the ideal time to visit the Montmartre Vineyard, especially if you want to join in the wine harvesting and festivities. During this period, the vineyard opens its doors to visitors, providing an excellent chance to learn more about this impressive center of wine production. Besides, the Fête des Vendanges is a five-day festival that attracts many visitors and is a great opportunity to explore and celebrate wine culture. Show more

What is the wine production at Montmartre Vineyard like?

Situated in the center of Paris, the Montmartre Vineyard is renowned for its wine production although it isn't of the highest quality. It produces several wines from Gamay and Pinot Noir grapes, including reds, whites, and the famous rosés. Additionally, the vineyard only produces around 1,500-2,000 bottles of wine every year, which are usually sold in limited quantities. Show more

Are there other celebrations besides Fête des Vendanges in Montmartre?

Aside from the Fête des Vendanges, other celebrations take place in Montmartre. For instance, the Montmartre Pigalle festival is dedicated to celebrating street art, music, as well as local artists. There's also the Montmartre Film Festival, a renowned event that features independent films created by emerging artists. These events are an excellent opportunity to explore the Montmartre district and attract large crowds every year. Show more

What's the best way to reach Montmartre Vineyard via public transportation?

Visiting the Montmartre Vineyard is straightforward using public transportation. Take public metro Line 12, which stops at Abbesses. Another option is to use the funicular, which operates every day from Rue Foyatier to the top of Butte Montmartre. The third option is by taking Bus 80, which runs between Mairie du 18ème and Porte de Versailles, and will get you to the vineyard in the shortest possible time. Show more

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