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Ice Skating

Only in Paris can one skate 60 metres above ground at the Eiffel Tower

Ice Skating in Paris 2020 - Best Time

Mark Pegrum

This classic winter entertainment is much more atmospheric at Paris's seasonal open-air ice rinks. Paris offers a few excellent options in front of Hotel de Ville, at Trocadero, and Champs-Elysees, but the most exclusive ice rink is set 60 metres above ground, at the Eiffel Tower. The rinks open in December and some close already in the first week of January. However, others including the glamorous Eiffel Tower skating rink operate until mid-February, and those around Hotel de Ville are available well into the beginning of March.

Champs-Élysées - Christmas Market 2020
Champs-Élysées - Christmas Market
Ice Rink at the Eiffel Tower 2020
Ice Rink at the Eiffel Tower
Ice Skating in Paris - Best Season 2020