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Ice Skating in Bulgaria

Lovers of winter outdoor activities will definitely enjoy ice skating in Bulgaria

Best time: December–February

Winter Bulgaria offers its guests seasonal entertainment with ice skating, in particular. This activity is an excellent opportunity to diversify your holiday! During the winter season, dozens of skating spots are opened in the big cities all over the country—in Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo, Stara Zagora, and others. Traditionally, the leader in terms of the number of winter rinks in the country is Bulgaria's capital, Sofia. Here you can find lots of skating-rinks, for example, on Lake Ariana, in the sports complex "Slavia," in front of the shopping center "The Mall".

Some of the skating rinks work for 24 hours. In Bulgaria, ice areas are usually created small, since almost all winter, the air temperature here is above zero. However, many ski resorts, such as Bansko or Pamporovo, also open ice rinks for skating in the winter to attract more tourists.

Practical info

Where are ice-skating rinks located in Bulgaria?

During winter, many ice-skating rinks open up in big cities across Bulgaria, such as Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo, and Stara Zagora, among others. Even ski resorts like Bansko and Pamporovo open ice rinks for tourists to indulge in this winter sport. Skating rinks like Lake Ariana, the sports complex 'Slavia,' and in front of the shopping center 'The Mall' can be found in Sofia. Show more

What is the time period to visit Bulgaria for ice skating?

Between December and February, the winter months, is the best time to go ice skating in Bulgaria. During this time, temperatures fall sufficiently to maintain ice on the rinks, making it safe to skate. Checking weather conditions for the specific location is recommended. Dozens of ice-skating rinks open up during winters in many Bulgarian cities like Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo, and Stara Zagora, to name a few. Show more

Which is the most extensive skating rink in Sofia?

The National Palace of Culture Ice Rink is the largest one in Sofia, covering an area of 1800 sq. meters. Despite the peak hours, skaters have plenty of space to enjoy their time. It remains open from November till March. The rink also offers other facilities and equipment such as rental skates, lockers, and on-site cafeterias for visitors. Show more

Do ice-skating rinks in Bulgaria operate 24x7?

Some skating rinks such as the ones in Sofia operate 24x7, permitting users to enjoy skating at any hour of the day or night. However, not all rinks function around the clock. Before you visit a particular ice-skating rink, it is recommended that you verify the operational hours. Show more

Which winter destinations in Bulgaria offer ice-skating rinks?

Common tourist destinations in Bulgaria like Bansko and Pamporovo, are some ski resorts that open their ice-skating rinks to the tourists during winter. The ice-skating experience provided by such resorts is unique and exciting, with an exquisite view of the mountains. Skate rental, coaching sessions, and ice hockey games are examples of activities and features available at many of these rinks, offering tourists a comprehensive winter vacation experience. Show more

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