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Thermal Springs in Bulgaria 2023-2024

Spend your wintertime in hot mineral pools surrounded by mountains

Best time: all year round (best time: December–February)

Bathing in hot springs is a pleasant activity at any time of the year but especially perfect in winter to warm up and avoid the freezing temperatures. The healthy climate and healing mineral springs make Bulgarian resorts among the best in Europe. The most popular destinations here are Velingrad, Devin, Varshets, and Sapareva Banya.

It is delightful and useful to take thermal mineral baths in the open air as Bulgaria's winter temperature hardly falls below zero degrees Celsius. The water temperature in the pool reaches 40°C, so enjoy the divine relaxation in winter hot springs!

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What are the most popular thermal spring destinations in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria has two of the most visited thermal spring resorts in Europe, namely Velingrad and Sapareva Banya. Velingrad has the highest concentration of mineral springs in the country, while Sapareva Banya is home to the hottest thermal spring in Europe, with a temperature of 103°C. Devin is another famous destination known for its clear air and mineral water, and Varshets is famous for its healing waters and mud treatments. Show more

Can you enjoy thermal baths in Bulgaria all year round?

Yes, hot springs are available in Bulgaria all year round. Although the average temperature hardly drops below zero degrees Celsius in winter, it's the best time to enjoy hot mineral pools. You have a unique experience of soaking in a hot spring while it's snowing outside. The best time to visit is between December to February. Show more

What are the health benefits of bathing in Bulgarian hot springs?

Bulgarian hot springs are popular worldwide for their health benefits. The mineral content varies but typically includes calcium, sulphur, and magnesium. They help relieve pain, stiffness in muscles and joints, promote circulation and metabolism, and provide relief from psoriasis, eczema, respiratory, digestive, and nervous disorders. Show more

Are there any activities to do besides taking hot springs baths?

Apart from soaking in hot springs, the resorts offer various activities such as skiing, hiking, and exploring Roman ruins. Visit Velingrad, a popular skiing destination or go hiking in Devin. The town of Sandanski is in the volcanic Pirin Mountains and known for its ancient Thracian remains and a healing climate. Show more

What is the best time of the year to visit thermal springs in Bulgaria?

The best time to visit thermal springs in Bulgaria is from December to February as the winter temperature is ideal for hot baths. The unique experience of relaxing in a hot spring while it's snowing outside is not to be missed. That said, hot springs are available year-round, and outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and horse riding can be enjoyed during the summer months. Show more

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