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Terme di Saturnia

Ancient Romans enjoyed this relaxing spot and used to come here for treatment. You too can try its healing powers


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The Terme di Saturnia is a famous spot located in the municipality of Manciano, close to the village of Saturnia. The group of hot springs covers the territory from Mount Amiata, Fiora and Albegna rivers to the Maremma grossetana at Roselle and Talamone. The hot springs are said to exist for more than 3000 years, being a refreshing and relaxing spot since the Roman times. This place amazes with its beauty and attracts locals and tourists from all over the world.

Terme di Saturnia in Italy - Best Season 2020

The most impressive are the main thermal waterfalls—Falls Mill and the Gorello. Terme di Saturnia features sulphurous springs with a large concentration of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, well-known for their therapeutic properties. The baths are recommended for people with dermatological, as well as cardio, blood pressure and respiratory diseases. The temperature of a bath is 37.5 °C. The water flows with the power of 800 liters per second and this fact ensures that every four hours the water in a hot tub is completely replaced. You can enjoy it for free.

Best time for Terme di Saturnia in Italy 2020
Best time to see Terme di Saturnia in Italy 2020

You can try the springs at any time, but in the summer the crowds are often too big, and the weather is too wam to enjoy a hot bath. Spring months are recommended as best time to visit Terme di Saturnia.

Best time for Terme di Saturnia 2020

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