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Hot Springs of the Atacama Desert in Chile

A warm bath amidst steam pillars towering in the middle of the chilly desert—an invaluable experience

Best time: September–March

Hot Springs of the Atacama Desert
Hot Springs of the Atacama Desert
Hot Springs of the Atacama Desert

​The morning chill of the Atacama Desert is beaten with the heat of the El Tatio Geysers located around San Pedro and overlooked by the Andean mountains. The site is great to observe at dawn when its 80 vents emit massive pillars of steam, which gradually disappear with the sunrise. The geysers form a network of hot streams, swimming pools, and mud baths which means that tourists may not only delight in the spectacular picture but also enjoy a warm bath. Besides El Tatio Geysers, there are the less popular Puritama Hot Springs (Termas de Puritama) also located around San Pedro. The Atacama Desert​ is best visited between September and March.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit the Atacama Desert in Chile?

The preferred time to visit the Atacama Desert in Chile is during the summer season, from September through March. The weather would be relatively cooler, and visitors can avoid harsh heat during other seasons. Tourists are advised to visit from September-November for an added bonus, viewing blooming wildflowers due to recent rain, along with fewer crowds. Show more

Where are the El Tatio Geysers located?

The El Tatio Geysers are positioned about 90 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama in the Atacama Desert, Chile's northern part. It is a fantastic idea to visit the luxurious geysers in the morning, around sunrise, when the steam pillars offer an unbeatable sight of the sun rising with the power of steam pillars in the background. Show more

What makes the El Tatio Geysers a unique attraction in the Atacama Desert?

The El Tatio Geysers located in the Atacama Desert are exclusive for being the world's highest-elevation geysers sitting at 4,300 meters above sea level. Furthermore, massive steam pillars rising early morning in low temperatures create an unforgettable experience. Visitors also enjoy hot streams, mud baths, and swimming pools for a complete hot springs experience. Show more

How many vents emit massive pillars of steam at El Tatio Geysers?

The El Tatio Geysers are popular for about 80 boiling points (vents) discharging massive steam pillars in the air, making it a magnificent view one should never miss. Getting there early morning offers the best view of the steam pillars disappearing gradually as the sun rises. Every feature creates the unique experience of natural hot springs found in the Atacama Desert. Show more

What are the other hot spring locations in the Atacama Desert?

Beside the El Tatio Geysers, the Atacama Desert hosts other hot spring locations like Termas de Puritama, having various levels of thermal water cascading the landscape, making it a picturesque location. Another hot spring spot located near Machuca village, famed for its medicinal attention, is also a top location for tourists interested in experiencing natural healing while relaxing in a natural pool. Show more

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