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Wadi Rum Desert in Bloom in Jordan

The sight of fragile wildflowers thriving in the desert-scape of Wadi Rum could melt a stone heart

Wadi Rum Desert in Bloom
Wadi Rum Desert in Bloom
Wadi Rum Desert in Bloom
Wadi Rum Desert in Bloom

Anyone finding it difficult to admit that even sand deserts can thrive should visit Wadi Rum Desert. Winter rains bring new life to these seemingly infertile grounds. Stunning floral displays ornate desert-scapes during April and May.

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What is the best time to see wildflowers blooming in Wadi Rum desert?

April and May are the ideal months to witness the blooming of wildflowers in Wadi Rum desert. The occasional rains during the winter in Wadi Rum result in profuse growth of colorful flowers that make the barren sand of the desert bloom. Guided tours, as well as hiking trips, can be undertaken to witness the display of wildflowers. Show more

What are the names of some wildflowers that can be seen in April and May in Wadi Rum desert?

Wadi Rum desert is home to over 1000 plant species, and during winter, rains promote the growth of a variety of wildflowers. Some examples of wildflowers seen in April and May are the desert hyacinth, daisy, yellow verbena, and pink rockrose. These flowers appear in clusters and add brilliant hues to the red-brown colored desert sand of Wadi Rum. Show more

Which spots in Wadi Rum are popular for experiencing the blooming wildflowers?

Guided tours to witness wildflowers in Wadi Rum can be arranged from the visitor center. The red rose rocks, Burrah Canyon, Lawrence's Spring, and Um Fruth Bridge are some of the well-known spots in Wadi Rum that have profuse growth of wildflowers during the blooming season. These spots can be accessed by hiring a car or by taking a camel ride to marvel at the blooming desert landscape for hours. Show more

What are some other factors that make Wadi Rum a unique destination?

Wadi Rum's stunning landscape is characterized not just by the blooming of wildflowers, but also by sand dunes of ravishing red and towering structures of sandstone. It has been the traditional home of the Bedouin tribes for centuries and their lifestyle, culture, cuisine, and hospitality can still be experienced here. The Wadi Rum desert offers adventure activities like rock climbing, hiking, desert safaris, and camping that are explored by tourists. Wadi Rum is also recognized as a popular film location for blockbusters like 'Star Wars: Rogue one' and 'The Martian'. Show more

What options do tourists have for outdoor activities apart from visiting and exploring different sites?

Wadi Rum offers an array of exciting outdoor fun activities apart from sightseeing. Some of these activities are hot air balloon rides, camel trekking, sandboarding, rock climbing, and hiking. Tourists can also plan a visit to the desert to experience the Bedouin culture and lifestyle. The red sand dunes and unique landscapes in Wadi Rum are noted for their breathtaking beauty and have received international recognition through movies like 'Star Wars: Rogue One,' and 'The Martian'. Show more

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