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Best time of year to visit Cyprus

April through October is considered to be the best time to visit Cyprus. Spring usually begins in February, but Aphrodite trail and Troodos mountains are better to be explored from April to May. Accommodation is cheaper in spring too. Hot summer is often crowded, perfect for diving or tasting halloumi cheese while passing the time on the beach. Heat lasts until October when prices begin to fall. You'll have a great chance to surf or meet magnificent flamingoes in November. Cyprus skiing opportunities are limited, but they are worth trying during cold winter as well as being a part of Limassol Festival in February.


Baby Turtle Watching

June–September • activity

Enjoy watching turtles in their habitat and volunteer to help with their preservation

Commandaria Wine

July • food

The oldest named wine in the world is made only in Cyprus

Fresh Halloumi Cheese

July–August • food

Salty cheese doesn't always have to go with beer—in Cyprus it tastes much better with sweet fruit

Snorkelling and Diving

June–October • activity

Meet the fauna of the Mediterranean Sea in the Bath of Aphrodite or near the wreck of the Accelo

Beach Season

April–October • activity

Environment friendly and safe Blue Flag Beaches are waiting


March–October • activity

Saddle your buggy or quad for an extreme safari ride


June–July • food

A famous proverb says "Life's like a bowl of cherries" and who knows, maybe these cherries were picked in Cyprus


April–July • nature

The sounds of nature can be more impressive than a symphonic orchestra, especially if the solo belongs to nightingales

Apricot Season

late May–July • food

Sunny apricots are great both when fresh and when cooked. A tremendous variety of dishes with apricot await visitors in Cyprus


April–October | May 06–07, 2017 (Donkey Festival) • activity

They give milk, they are cute, they can give you a ride—they are adorable Cypriot donkeys


Greater Flamingos

November–March • nature

Take a great selfie with a gorgeous pink greater flamingo

Limassol Carnival

March 10, 2019 • event

Meet the King and get your portion of good luck for the whole year

Skiing the Troodos Mountains

January–February • activity

Cyprus is not only about activities under the sun, as it also hides snowy hills right in the center of the island

Blooming Almond Trees

February • nature

Give your nose several hours of nirvana when visiting groves of blooming almond trees

Aphrodite Trail Abloom

March–April • activity

Follow the goddess of Love

Carob Harvest

September • food

The freshest pastelli made with true love can be found after harvest in Anoyira village

Legion Run

Dates undisclosed • event

Challenge your body and your will in the heart of Cyprus

Anthestiria or Flower Festivals

May • nature

Save some space on your camera for stunning pictures of the blooming yards of Lania Village

Easter Sunday (Orthodox)

April 28, 2019 • event

The busy Cypriot Easter always bursts with flavoured lemon soup, colourful eggs, dangling candles, and huge bonfires


December | April–May • food

If you want to try the most delicious Cypriot souvla, be patient for three hours while the meat warms on the charcoal

Easter Flaounes

April 28, 2019 • food

These small patties require patience and time when cooking, but bring a lot of pleasure and delight when eating

Pink Cyclamen

January–February • nature

These tiny fragrant flowers are national symbols of Cyprus


March | November • activity

Catch the wind and ride a Mediterranean wave


August–October • food

Eating fresh figs under the branches of an 800-year old tree can be a very relaxing and tasty experience for a tired traveler

Ayia Napa International Festival

September 27–30, 2018 • event

All in one—this festival is an overview of the art, agriculture, flora, fauna, and craftsmanship of Cyprus

Grape Harvest

August–mid-November • food

The best Cypriot wines start with steep hills, hot sun, and gently hand-picked grapes


September–May • activity

Join the EuroVelo Mediterranean Route when cycling across Cyprus

Green Monday Food

February 19, 2018 • food

Keeping Lent might be challenging, but not when you start it in a tasty way

Blooming Orchids

March–April • nature

The north of Cyprus is the best place to find your favourite kind of orchids

Shakespearean Nights

June 22–24, 2018 • event

Shakespeare plays are revived once a year among the ancient walls of Cyprium on the bank of Mediterranean Sea


early January • food

Coins are hidden in New Year cakes for the luckiest ones

Cyprus Mouflon: Wild Sheep

December–February • nature

Wild and free animals add beauty to any landscape

Palouzes or Grape Jelly

September • food

One more good reason to visit Cyprus is to learn all the different recipes using grapes

Christmas Cake

December • food

Sweet fruits with a bit of brandy under delicious frosting and a cute marzipan decoration—all in one in the Christmas Cake


early January (Epiphany) • food

Fill your mouth with sweet doughnuts or stick them to the roof on Epiphany