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Join the EuroVelo Mediterranean Route when cycling across Cyprus

Best time: September–May


Cyprus's area in total is about 9,250 sq km, so many tourists choose to cycle across its territory for a great way to see it all. For bike lovers there are several options for which route to follow and it isn't too hard to get directions. If you want to truly challenge yourself, take a closer look at EuroVelo 8.

There are 14 routes that unite different European countries and help cyclers to discover the historical and cultural landmarks across Europe while biking. Among them, EuroVelo 8 is one of the most famous routes as it goes along the Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus finishes this route after 10 other countries.

If you plan to join EuroVelo 8, you need to reserve about three months for the journey, but one or two weeks will be enough to finish the route in Cyprus. Currently the signposting isn't quite ready, so get acquainted with the route on the Cyprus Tourism Organisation website in beforehand. Summers can be extremely hot in Cyprus so it's considered to be low season for cycling.

Practical info

What is EuroVelo 8 and how does it connect to Cyprus?

EuroVelo 8 is a route that links different European countries, stretching about 5,888 km along the Mediterranean Sea, starting from Cadiz, Spain, and ending in Cyprus. You can bike through many cultural and historical sites, with the route covering several towns and villages throughout the country. Show more

How long does it take to complete EuroVelo 8 and what is the recommended duration for cycling in Cyprus?

It takes approximately 70 to 90 days to cover the entire 5,888 km of the EuroVelo 8 route. In Cyprus alone, it takes about 1 to 2 weeks to cycle through. The recommended period for cycling in Cyprus is from September to May due to milder temperatures and less heat. Show more

What are some of the popular cycling routes in Cyprus aside from EuroVelo 8?

In addition to EuroVelo 8, there are many popular cycling routes in Cyprus, such as the 'Cedar Valley' route that leads to Mount Olympus and the 'Akamas Peninsula' route, known for its panoramic view of the Mediterranean. There are also many other options to explore, like sea vistas or more challenging routes through hilly terrain. Show more

When is the best time to go cycling in Cyprus and why?

The ideal period for cycling in Cyprus is between September and May, with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 25°C. The summer season (June-August) is hotter, with temperatures that can be as high as 40°C, making biking conditions difficult. The low season (November-February) is cooler and humid, but still acceptable for cycling. Show more

What should I know about the climate and terrain in Cyprus before planning a cycling trip?

Cyprus experiences a Mediterranean climate characterized by dry, hot summers and mild winters. Be prepared for the high temperatures by staying hydrated, and note that the terrain in Cyprus can be quite challenging, with steep hills and mountains, therefore it's crucial to be physically prepared. As some cultural and historical sites may require off-road biking, a bike with robust suspension is recommended. Show more

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