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Cycling in Tunisia

A fast and easy way to explore the landscape of the desert

Best time: October–May


Pure white flats all the way to the horizon—this is something that makes Tunisia a heaven for the cyclists. It's an exciting and economical way to learn the landscape and real life of Sahara where nobody will disturb you. Navigation in Tunisia is easy enough, and there are also markers every kilometre showing how far it is to the next large town. On your way, you can stop for relaxing camping and marvel at amazing sunsets.

One of the most popular roads goes from Douz to Tozeur through Chot El Jerid lake. This trail is popular because of its endless white views. Another interesting route is near the city Nefta, right next to Ong Ejamel where the Star Wars set is located. Even if you are not a movie fan, try to reach this track—it is an incredible desert overlook. You can also visit Chenini and the other Berber mountain villages with buildings set right in the rock. The best time for cycling is from October to May.

Practical info

When is the ideal period for cycling in Tunisia?

Cycling in Tunisia is preferable between October and May, including autumn, winter, and spring, due to mild temperature and dry climate offering a pleasant vibe with sufficient daylight. The high temperature, exceeding 40℃, can make it challenging to cycle, which is prevalent during the summer months. Show more

What are the most preferred cycling paths in Tunisia?

Two of the well-liked biking routes in Tunisia are the pathway between Douz and Tozeur via Chot El Jerid lake and the track beside Nefta city overseeing the desert where Star Wars is positioned. Other remarkable paths are located in Berber mountain villages like Chenini, where one can witness spectacular architectures erected into the rock formations. Show more

Are the cycling routes in Tunisia challenging?

The challenging degree of cycling roads in Tunisia is dependent on the route's length and terrain variation. While some paths are flat and suitable for beginners such as Chot El Jerid lake route, others possess challenging sections with rough terrain and steep hills. However, most routes are appropriate for cyclists with average physical fitness and experience. Show more

What other activities can visitors engage in near the biking routes?

Besides cycling, there are loads of alternative activities one could take part in and around the biking routes in Tunisia, ranging from camping amidst the desert and enjoying stunning sunsets to exploring the local Berber villages and discovering their customs and conventions. Additionally, you can try traditional Tunisian dishes and go sightseeing in the neighboring cities. Show more

Which are the preferable camping sites for bikers in Tunisia?

While cycling in Tunisia, one of the highlights is camping in the mesmerizing desert regions. Some common camping locations are the area around the Chott El Djerid salt lake, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding, and Berber mountain villages with conventional lodgings that allow you to explore the local lifestyle. Don't forget to bring the essential camping gear encompassing a tent, enough food and water, and a sleeping bag. Show more

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