Best time to visit Cappadocia

Cycling in Cappadocia

Discover Cappadocia's lush valleys while cycling on two wheels

Best time: April–November


Being one of the most picturesque parts of Turkey, Cappadocia is perfect for biking. Its rugged landscape can pose quietly a few challenges if you are not used to riding in the mountains. However, Cappadocia also has beautiful lush valleys, full of fruit gardens that will make any biking trip very pleasant. Actually, all Cappadocia's highlights could be explored on a bike, starting from Goreme valley and famous rock sites to Derinkuyu underground city and Avanos ceramics workshops. Most cyclists arrive in Cappadocia during the ​warm time of the year, since winters could bring cold and snow, with temperatures dropping as low as -10 °C.

Practical info

When is the best time to go cycling in Cappadocia?

Cappadocia is an ideal place for cycling between April to November when the temperature is warm for a cycling expedition. Since winters are chilly with snowfall and cold breeze, it is always advisable to check weather forecasts to guarantee a bike-friendly climate. Show more

Where are the best areas for cycling in Cappadocia?

Lush valleys that are brimming with fruit orchards make Cappadocia a gem for cyclists. Explore sites in Cappadocia such as Goreme Valley and the Derinkuyu underground city, Avanos ceramics workshop, and the fantastic panoramic views of the valleys on two wheels. Show more

How challenging is cycling in Cappadocia's rugged landscape?

Riding a bike in Cappadocia's rugged terrain can be pretty demanding for anyone not accustomed to uneven roads. Although it provides an excellent opportunity to witness underground cities, cave churches, and scenic fairy chimneys, one must have the necessary physical strength and determination to keep up. Show more

What are the highlights that can be explored by bike in Cappadocia?

Cycling through the scenic routes of Cappadocia offers a chance to discover the popular Derinkuyu underground city, Avanos ceramics workshop, and extensive panoramic views from fairy chimneys, cave churches, and lush valleys. Bike rides are challenging, but with sights so beautiful and unique, who can resist? Show more

What should I know about the weather conditions in Cappadocia for cycling?

Cappadocia's climate can be severe due to its extreme weather, with summers being particularly hot and winters being chilly, accompanied by snowfall and cold winds. Bikers during the peak of summer must bring adequate sun protection like sunscreen and hats while cold weather biking demands woolen clothing and extra layers for warmth. Show more

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