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Best time to visit Copenhagen


A way to really feel like a local is to ride across the city along with thousands of other Copenhageners


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Of course, how else would you get around the bike capital of the world? Bikes are literally everywhere in Copenhagen. Everywhere. On the streets, on the sidewalks (sometimes just stacked and sad), in trains and even in the canals.

You'll see young people on bikes, elder people on bikes, children with their parents on bikes. You'll see wide bike lanes on both sides of the road, bike traffic lights and huge bike parking spaces. You'll see people singing while riding, smoking while riding or chatting while riding together.

For locals, it seems like biking is not only a way to get around the city but a part of the lifestyle. Half of the city's inhabitants commute by bike not depending on weather, their destination and on their income. In fact, there are more bikes that inhabitants in the city. Even families with children travel by bike. Lots of them own cargo bikes to take their children to kindergarten or shopping.

Biking is not only the cheapest but also the most convenient way to discover the city because if you're on a bike you don't have to worry about the public transport system and you can feel completely free and independent. The only thing you have to find is a bike rental which is very easy considering the fact that they are literally on every corner.

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