Best time to visit California

Cycling in California

Picturesque scenery, varied terrain, and gentle weather conditions attract cyclists to the Golden State

Best time: April–October


Good year-round weather, varied terrain, and amazing landscapes make the Golden State a perfect cycling destination. California features several not-to-be-missed bike paths to add to your travel list. One of such treks is the Marvin Braude Bike Trail, in Los Angeles. This 35 km path goes from Will Rogers State Beach to Torrance County Beach. The trail runs through Santa Monica, Venice, Manhattan, and Redondo. You will see all the color and glory of the city of Los Angeles as well as beautiful wide sandy beaches. Weekends may be too crowded on this trail.

The Rincon Bike Trail is a 6-km long path goes right along the coastline opening amazing views and a dolphin spotting experience. The trail starts at the parking lot of Rincon State Park and rolls past Rincon, a world-class surf spot, and finishes at downtown Ventura.

The Monterey Peninsula features some of the most majestic coastlines in the state. The Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail is a multi-use trail that runs 28 km from Castroville to Pacific Grove. Riding along the beautiful cypress trees and a dramatic rocky coast is a magical experience for every cyclist. You'll find a large number of spots to stop and marvel the beauty of the scenery around. The best time for this trail is in the morning.

A 6-mi (10-km) ride from Pacific Grove toward Carmel is one of the most beautiful rides. The almost 5-km long West Cliff Drive Bike Path, in Santa Cruz is another beautiful trail. The starting point is located at the San Lorenzo River and then through the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Lots of cycling boardwalks are waiting for you in San Diego and Santa Rosa as well.

The American River Trail (Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail) goes along the American River for over 50 km of flat terrain. It is one of the longest and multi-use trails in the country. Various spots feature kilometres of gorgeous rides.

Generally, the best time for cycling along the California trails runs from spring through fall.

Practical info

When is the best time to go for a bike ride in California?

You can plan a visit to California for cycling between April and October to get a pleasant weather and longer enjoyable scenery. It is important to keep in mind that some trails may be crowded on weekends. Also, the trails are accessible all year round, but the temperature and weather may vary depending on the season. Show more

What are some of the most picturesque bike routes to explore in California?

California provides a lot of options for bike trails, and some of the scenic routes are Marvin Braude Bike Trail in Los Angeles, the 6 km Rincon Bike Trail that runs along the coastline from Rincon State Park to downtown Ventura and West Cliff Drive Bike Path in Santa Cruz. Another option is the American River Trail, which is one of the longest and the most popular trails in the country, with 50km stretch surrounded by beautiful views. Show more

Which bike trail in California offers possibilities of spotting dolphins?

The Rincon Bike Trail, a 6 km cycling route that runs along the Californian coastline starting from Rincon State Park and ending at downtown Ventura, provides a great opportunity to spot dolphins while cycling. Throughout the trail, cyclists can immerse themselves in the beautiful surroundings and refreshing air while witnessing the playful marine animals in their natural habitat. Show more

What are some other notable destinations for cycling in California besides San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego?

While San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego are popular spots for cycling, California has a myriad of picturesque bike trails and coastal towns to explore. One can consider visiting Huntington Beach, Long Beach, and San Jose, which offers scenic bike routes along the coastline or exploring the majestic coastlines of Monterey and Big Sur. Additionally, towns like Santa Rosa and San Luis Obispo provide a chance to appreciate the Californian countryside nature. Show more

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