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Cycling in Canary Islands

Various routes and diverse landscapes on every island offer some new and unforgettable experiences. A real adventure on the wheels awaits you


On the Canary Islands, you can find very diverse routes for cyclists of all levels. Cycle along the ocean, near sand dunes, on the highest mountains, through the green forests, or even dry volcanic terrain. The hills of Inagua in Gran Canaria terrain offers a 70-kilometre route with steep paths. In some parts of the route, you'll have to go uphill and in others, you can simply coast. This territory is a natural reserve and home to one of the best-preserved pine trees on the island.

On the island of Tenerife, you ride from La Esperanza to Santiago del Teide. The route has pleasant wide, well-kept tracks amon​g Canarian pines. You will cross the northern face of the mount Teide. This route in ends among beautiful almond trees.​

The natural park of La Graciosa, located i​n the north of Lanzarote, is a ​wonderful place to visit by bike. You can cycle its white sand tracks and along the clear water beaches. It is a privilege within the scope of any average cyclist. Only a few paths are open to discovering this fantastic landscape to conserve this natural paradise. ​

Fuerteventura offers biking through volcanoes, wonderful beaches, and coves. You can see the Tostón lighthouse on your way. The route is 78 kilometres long.

The circular route of 100 kilometres on the bike starts at Valverde, the capital of El Hierro. It goes along the charming steep slopes of El Julan valley.

On the island of Lanzarote, you can cross the impressive Timanfaya National Park, Corona volcano, climb to the cliffs of Famara, and have an amazing view from el Río viewpoint.

In La Palma, the volcanic sand route goes along forest tracks and approaches Cumbre Vieja on both sides. Enjoy the view, called the sea of clouds, which forms on the highest slopes and looks like a waterfall.

The 50-kilometre bike route along the south-east of Gran Canaria promises great contrasts of coastal beauty and interior landscapes. Mountain biking in the Canary Islands requires lots of strength and concentration due to its changing surfaces.

The best season is winter time, or early spring ​when​ the weather is not too hot.

Practical info

What are some of the best cycling routes on the Canary Islands?

The Canary Islands have many scenic cycling routes, such as the Inagua hills in Gran Canaria, La Esperanza to Santiago del Teide route in Tenerife, circular route around El Julan valley on El Hierro, Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote and the Cumbre Vieja on La Palma. Each route offers diverse features to cyclists, making them great choices for exploration. Show more

Which Canary Island is the best for cycling?

Every Canary Island features fantastic cycling options suitable for everyone's preferences. Gran Canaria and Tenerife are fashionable among cyclists because of their diverse terrains, while Lanzarote's volcanic and desert landscapes also make it an excellent option. El Hierro and La Palma have steep slopes and forest tracks, with unique features. Even in smaller islands like La Graciosa, the scenic white sand path is perfect for cycling. Show more

What is the best time to go cycling in the Canary Islands?

Cycling in the Canary Islands is best during the winter season, between January and March, when the temperature is around 15-25 degrees Celsius, the sky is clear, and rainfall is low. Summer has high humidity and considerable heat, while the other seasons have more rainfall that makes cycling much more challenging. However, colder weather-lovers can go cycling in the late Autumn season too. Show more

Are there any requirements needed before cycling in the Canary Islands?

There are no special requirements needed before cycling in the Canary Islands. However, wearing a helmet is mandatory, and carrying of bike lights is essential. Cyclists must know the routes and terrains to prevent getting lost or stuck. Carrying water to prevent dehydration, especially in hot weather, and having a repair kit to address emergencies such as flat tires is a good idea. Show more

What type of bicycles are most recommended for cycling in the Canary Islands?

The type of cycle needed in the Canary Islands depends on the terrain and preference. For individuals going for smooth rides, Road bikes are comfortable, while mountain bikes with wider tires for rough terrains. Alternatively, e-bikes are also prevalent, making it easy to climb steep areas. Cyclists must ensure that their bicycles are in good condition and have appropriate safety features in advance. Show more

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