Best time to visit Mongolia

Cycling in Mongolia

The variety of landscapes and lots of wildlife makes biking in Mongolia a true adventure

Best time: May–September


Unspoilt nature is a rare phenomenon nowadays, and Mongolia represents in itself a rare exception. Its beautiful mountains, hillside forests inhabited by ancient nomadic tribes and Siberian wildlife, river valleys, steppe grasslands, and arid desert—all these taken together provide an interesting, challenging, and rather authentic cycling route. If you venture on a bike journey across the wild country, be prepared for sometimes rough trails; you have to be har​dy, patient, and persistent to conquer Mongolia on two wheels, but still this is possible and worth trying for the lasting memories. The best season lasts from May through September.

Practical info

When is the best time to go cycling in Mongolia?

Cycling in Mongolia is best enjoyed between May and September, when the climate is mild, and the trails are in optimal condition. The country's weather can be severe, and cyclists may face significant obstacles during any other time of the year. It is advisable to plan your trip around these months to get the most out of your experience. Show more

What kind of landscapes can I expect to see while cycling in Mongolia?

The Mongolian landscape is one of the best features of cycling in this country, offering a wide variety of natural scenery that is mostly untouched by humans. From vast grasslands and river valleys to mountain ranges and forests, Mongolia features an extensive collection of terrains. Cyclists will have the chance to explore these unique landscapes and enjoy their breath-taking beauty while pedaling through this stunning country. Show more

What should I know before going on a cycling trip in Mongolia?

Cycling in Mongolia is not for the faint-hearted and demands a good level of physical fitness. Cyclists should also have a reliable bike that is fit for the various challenges posed by the Mongolian terrain, with sufficient supplies for extended travel without resupplying. Familiarizing oneself with local customs, traditions, and some Mongolian language basics is highly recommended to enhance enjoyment and interactivity with the local people. Show more

Where are the best routes for cycling in Mongolia?

Several popular routes for cycling in Mongolia allow travelers to experience a range of different environments. These routes include the Arkhangai route, which crosses the heart of the country, the Khar Us Lake tour, the Khövsgöl Lake cycling tour, the Orkhon waterfall route, and the Gobi Desert route, which passes through the extensive desert regions of the country. Each of these routes has its unique features, making them some of the best for a cycling tour in Mongolia. Show more

What kind of wildlife can I encounter while cycling in Mongolia?

Cycling in Mongolia provides a rich opportunity to encounter the nation's diverse wildlife. Various breeds of wild horses, Siberian ibex, and gazelles inhabit the regions cyclists may frequent, along with fascinating birds of prey such as eagles and owls. Depending on location, cyclists may also encounter rare species like gray wolves, foxes, and even snow leopards in the country's most remote areas. Show more

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