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Professional shamans will connect you with spirits, but listen carefully as maybe your ancestors are trying to tell you something


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Shamanism, also known as Tengerism, is something people usually have heard of, but very few have experienced it. In fact, this is a kind of spiritual belief stemming from the Stone and Bronze Ages and still exists in the steppes of Eurasia, in particular, in Mongolia. Since those ancient times, herdsmen and hunters have been worshiping Mother Earth referring to it as Etugan, and Eternal Heaven—namely Munkh Tenger, along with other spirits of nature and their ancestors. A shaman is the one who makes the spiritual connection, the one who establishes the gateway to the afterlife, and allows you to interact with the spirits via meditation. A traditional shaman session consists of 8 musical and dancing rituals. In Mongolia, there are several regions widely practicing Shamanism even after 70 years of Communist repression. These involve northern tribes like Tsaatans, Darkhads, and Hotgoit; also the Hamnigan and Buryat tribes from the north-east, Urianhais from the west of Mongolia, and the Halh Mongols. Actually, shamanism is now reviving after a long-lasting decline, and the best time to meditate with shamans is summer solstice or the Ulaan Tergel celebration which draws local shamans as well as others fro​m far away. Usually this celebration occurs between June 20th and June 22nd.

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