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Winter Clothing

Wonder how one can dress warm and look stylish at the same time when it is -30 to -40 °C outside?—Mongolians know perfectly well how!


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An average fashionable woman would probably start to panic if she were asked to find decent clothing for -30 to - 40 °C. For it means dressing in a hundred layers and looking like a ball. Fortunately, this is just a prejudice, and in fact, Mongolian ladies manage to dress quite neatly even during extreme winters. First of all, top-notch Mongolian cashmere does a great share—the luxurious soft wool obtained from Kashmir goats is made into sweaters, trousers, skirts—all of it both warm and pretty at the same time. A range of furs provide coats and hats warm enough for Mongolian winters and stylish too. At last, some natives remain faithful to tradition and still wear traditional "deel" which is a long warm unisex coat. So Mongolian winter is something of an extreme fashion show defin​itely worth checking out.

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