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Winter Clothing in Mongolia 2024-2025

Wonder how one can dress warm and look stylish at the same time when it is -30 to -40 °C outside?—Mongolians know perfectly well how!

Best time: November–March

Winter Clothing
Winter Clothing

An average fashionable woman would probably start to panic if she were asked to find decent clothing for -30 to - 40 °C. For it means dressing in a hundred layers and looking like a ball. Fortunately, this is just a prejudice, and in fact, Mongolian ladies manage to dress quite neatly even during extreme winters. First of all, top-notch Mongolian cashmere does a great share—the luxurious soft wool obtained from Kashmir goats is made into sweaters, trousers, skirts—all of it both warm and pretty at the same time. A range of furs provide coats and hats warm enough for Mongolian winters and stylish too. At last, some natives remain faithful to tradition and still wear traditional "deel" which is a long warm unisex coat. So Mongolian winter is something of an extreme fashion show defin​itely worth checking out.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Mongolia to experience extreme winter fashion?

To have a taste of Mongolia's extreme winter fashion, visit from November to March. Mongolians dress in flashy traditional attire made from high-quality materials like fur and cashmere. Despite the sub-zero temperatures of -30 to -40°C, the locals still look neat and fashionable, especially during fashion shows hosted in major cities. Show more

Where can I buy top-quality Mongolian cashmere clothing?

For quality cashmere wool, head to Gobi, Gobi Cashmere or State Department Store when in Ulaanbaatar. You can also buy Mongolian cashmere online from vendors like Gobi's official website or ZolooCashmere. The local black market is another option; however, quality control should be your top priority. Show more

What are some unique characteristics of traditional Mongolian "deel"?

Mongolian "deel" is a unisex silk or cotton-lined clothing made to keep the wearer warm. It is ankle-length and sports intricate patterns and designs that range in color and style. The deel includes a collar and sleeves that one can adjust to keep the wearer's warmth from escaping. It has an asymmetrical button arrangement on the right shoulder that makes it easy to take off and on. Show more

When and where can I witness Mongolian fur fashion shows?

Major cities including Ulaanbaatar host Mongolian fur fashion shows from January 24 - January 26 as part of the Lunar New Year's celebrations. This festival hosts spectacular winter fur coats and accessories in fashion. UB Fashion Week happens every April and features winter collections that showcase fur and cashmere wool fashion. Show more

What are some accessories that Mongolians use to stay warm and fashionable during winter?

Mongolians have numerous fashion accessories that keep them warm and stylish during the winter. They use woolen or cashmere socks, gloves, and scarves. Also, fox, wolf, or rabbit fur is used to create traditional headgear called Khutagt, which helps protect the face and head from frosty winds. Sheepskin or leather boots with fur inside are also a staple in Mongolian winter fashion, and the snood, a circular scarf, is commonly used to cover the face and neck. Show more

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