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The Big Round-Up. An event that takes place in the countryside and, as unusual as it sounds, includes sheep and romance

Réttir in Iceland 2019 - Best Time
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© Helgi Rúnar Olgeirsson

In the old days, Icelanders had the custom to let their sheep free during the summer days. Well, round-up is an old Icelandic tradition of riding horses up to the highlands in order to bring the sheep back. Back in the past it was a way of living, and today it is a fun activity. It all starts with​ locals going uphill to return their sheep back home and it ends with dancing, eating and drinking. In the past, some couples would get married during the round-up. Visitors are welcome to join the event or just to take a look and learn something new. This event happens in early September, so join in, and bring a ring, just in case.

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