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Menningarnótt 2024 in Iceland

One of the most popular events that brin​gs thousands of Icelanders to the capital of the country

Dates: August 24, 2024


Menningarnótt, or Culture Night, is Reykjavik's birthday and festival event, which takes place every first Saturday after August 18th. From morning to night, the city center comes alive with vibrant events, making it the highlight of the summer for residents and visitors alike. This inclusive tradition has become a beloved annual gathering for families and friends to enjoy together.

Events & Activities

Culture Night in central Reykjavík offers a plethora of concerts, festivities, exhibitions, scavenger hunts, shows, flea markets, yard sales, kids activities, traditional waffles, arts, and dance performances. As honored guests, the Westman Islands present an exciting program at Reykjavík City Hall from 1 pm to 5 pm. The grand finale of Culture Night is a spectacular fireworks display starting at 11 pm or immediately after the concert at Arnarhóll.

Schedule & Locations

Culture Night encompasses the entire city center, spanning from Langahlíð in Austurbær to Hagatorg in Vesturbær and extending to Grandi. Officially commencing at noon at Kjarvalsstaðir Museum, the festivities then spread continuously throughout the city, with events taking place at various locations until 11 pm.

Tickets & Parking

All events during Culture Night are free of charge. Limited parking will be available in the city center, with parking structures at City Hall, Vesturgata, Vitatorg, Stjörnuport, and Höfðatorg. The parking garage at Harpa will be open from 2pm to 9 pm, while the garages at Traðakot and Kolaport will be closed. Standard parking fees apply.

History of Culture Night

Held since 1996, Culture Night was initiated by the Reykjavík city council and has since grown to become one of the largest festivals in Iceland, rivaling the celebration of Iceland's national day on June 17th. Annually, around 100,000 people attend the concerts and festivities held in central Reykjavík during Culture Night.

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