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Best time of year to visit Edinburgh

Summer months perfectly align with the best time to visit Edinburgh. They are the warmest, but they are also the busiest. Side by side in August, Edinburgh International Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe offer you the best exhibitions and shows. Be ready to meet the Burry Man on the streets of Queensbury, just offer him a drink and you'll be blessed. The low season roughly between October and March also has something to impress you with: fewer tourists and lower prices. And January will introduce you to a magic poetry by Robert Burns and his favourite Haggis and whisky.


Horse Flat Racing Season

April–September  • activity

Musselburgh Racecourse provides year round great racing action with 27 racedays

Langoustines, Crabs and Lobsters

April–November  • food

The search for the tastiest langoustines, crabs and lobsters will take you to the most beautiful scenery of Scotland


July–January | January 25 • food

Sheep's insides are sewn into its stomach, boiled, and served with "tatties and neeps" and a glass of Scotch Whisley for Burns Supper

Scotch Pie and Bovril

August–April  • food

A football match cannot do without a piece of warm nourishing mutton pie and a glass of hot beef-flavoured Bovril

Crab Apple Jelly

April–October  • food

Crab apple jelley with peanut butter makes for a delicious sweet-sour sandwich

Scotland Berries Season

July–August  • food

Eat freshly picked berries at local farms in Scotland during the berries season

Edinburgh Castle

all year round • activity

A stunning historic fortress is an unmissable attraction on your visit to the Scottish capital

Golf Season

April–October  • activity

The golf season welcomes every passionate golfer to practice their swing or to enjoy the wide range of tournaments

Lemon Sole

June–September • food

The fillet dish tastes best with a Mediterranean sauce



December 30–January 01 • event

Hogmanay is a unique way to celebrate the New Year with torchlights, bonfires, fireworks and loads of music and whiskey

The Burry Man

August 10, 2018 • event

Follow the Burry Man throughout the streets of Queensferry as he drinks whisky and spreads good luck

Braemar Gathering

September 03 • event

The Gathering is famous for its hospitality, friendship, multitude of events and the presence of the Royal Family, and it's only a 2-hour drive from Edinburgh

Beltane Fire Festival

April 30 • event

Celebrate the arrival of summer with music, bonfires and uninhibited behaviour

Rugby in Edinburgh: Six Nations Cup

March 17, 2018 • event

Scots love for rugby cannot be exaggerated. Visit the game of one of the oldest championships to witness it all!

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

August 03–25, 2018 • event

A memorable representation of dance, military pageantry and music as part of the Edinburgh Festival

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

August 03–27, 2018 • event

A unique blend of thousands of known and less-known artists performing a wide variety of shows in smaller venues around the city

Burns Night Celebrations

January 25 • event

Scotsmen respect their national poet and commemorate his legacy by cooking his favourite meal on his birthday

Burntisland Highland Games

July 16, 2018 • event

Burntisland Highland Games the second oldest games in Scotland, and are a perfect opportunity to have some quality time

Seasonal Meats

September–November  • food

Discover the freshest meats and vegetables locally produced and indulge your sweet tooth with the best seasonal fruits

Edinburgh International Festival

August 03–27, 2018 • event

The Festival is a showcase of world's best music, dance, theatre, and opera in Edinburgh every August

North Berwick International Highland Games

August 11, 2018 • event

Dancers, world-pipe bands and other stunning events make North Berwick Highland Games the perfect place for a day full of fun

Stirling Highland Games

August 18, 2018 • event

Multiple fun events combined with stalls full of local products are the main attractions at Stirling Highland Games

Boxing Day

December 26 • event

Age traditions remain alive though a bit different from the past

The Loony Dook

January 01 • event

It is the perfect event if you have the urge plunging in icy waters while facing horrific weather conditions

Ceres Highland Games

June 30, 2018 • event

Ceres Highland Games are the oldest and most cheerful events celebrated in Scotland

Snowdrops Bloom Time

February–mid-March  • nature

Winter is a perfect season to wander through Scotland’s woodlands and gardens to admire the blossoming snowdrops


September–mid-April • food

Once the very Roman emperor deemed Scottish oysters as the best shellfish in the world

Apple Season​

September–February  • food

Apple pancakes, traditional​ Scottish apple scones and unique apple soup are the highlights of this delicious season


October–March  • nature

During winter Scotland hosts these elegant guests from Iceland and Siberia


September • food

Cold-smoked, hot-smoked, dried, canned, frozen, served with chips, drowned in milk, or in a Scottish soup—so many ways to eat Haddock

Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF)

June 20–July 01, 2018 • event

Every June, the city enjoys a fortnight of cinema screenings and related events. EIFF is recognised as the world's longest continually-running film festival


January–June  • food

Sour rhubarb is made into crumble cakes and meat sauces, but the best way to enjoy the fruit is to simply dip it in sugar and eat it raw

Edinburgh Marathon

May 26, 2019 • event

Fast and flat, this race can easily become one of your favourites