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Edinburgh International Festival 2023

The Festival is a showcase of world's best music, dance, theatre, and opera in Edinburgh every August

Edinburgh International Festival
Edinburgh International Festival

The City of Edinburgh became a Mecca for festival aficionados. The Edinburgh International Festival takes place in Edinburgh every August and on a phenomenal scale no less. Exciting and intense artistic performances will lure you into this cultural epicentre and you will not want to leave. Small, unconventional venues and major concert halls and theatres, will come alive to entertain you.

You can either listen to music, attend the opera or the theatre or you can dance to international music. You can browse the calendar of the festival for different events, and you might find new shows that you did not consider before.Moreover, if you are an artist yourself, you can also enrol in the programme and be part of this madness. After all, the Edinburgh International Festival welcomes every artist from around the world. At the end of the festival, you will have gained a handful of friends and more knowledge about Scottish culture.

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