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Penghu Fireworks Festival 2024

The Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival is one of the most attractive summer events in Taiwan

Dates: May 2–July 30, 2024

Penghu Fireworks Festival
Penghu Fireworks Festival
Penghu Fireworks Festival

The Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival is one of the biggest annual tourist attractions in Taiwan during the summer. The main stage is the artistic steel-arch Xiying Rainbow Bridge near the Guanyin Pavilion, and the reflections of the bridge and fireworks across the open ocean water make for an incredible and romantic sight. Some of the fireworks are launched from the sea at the bay area, while others take place in different towns, including Huxi, Xiyu, Wang’an, Baisha, and Qimei.

Festival highlights

Every year,, the festival gets better and bigger, with about 23 fireworks events. The opening and closing ceremonies are especially impressive, with the best pyrotechnic displays lasting over 20 minutes and incredible drone shows, featuring 900 drones. The Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival also features religious processions with palanquins and statues of gods.

When to see the fireworks

The Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival has become one of the premier events of the summer season and a beautiful and magnificent show for visitors and locals alike. The purpose of this festival is simply to share the enjoyment of fireworks and welcome in Summer.

The show takes place twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, starting at 9 pm. In addition to the magnificent fireworks, the show features famous bands, artists, and local performance groups, entertaining the audience and creating a magical atmosphere.

Where to see the fireworks

Guanyinting Park gets pretty packed on the days of the fireworks. If you want to avoid crowds, there are a few alternatives. One of the best ways to enjoy the festival is to rent a boat from the main island of Magong. There are also four cruise routes available to get the best view of the fireworks - Magong, Huxi, Nanhuan, and Beihuan. Some cruises offer dinner and cocktails for maximum relaxation and enjoyment. It's also possible to rent a SUP and paddle into the bay to watch the show.

What to do in Penghu

Penghu archipelago is one of the most popular vacation spots in Taiwan, with wonderful beaches and plenty of hotels, recreation, and water sports facilities. Serene coastline, volcanic basalt rocks, traditional houses made of coral, and the amazing abundance of marine life make Penghu a unique destination, perfect for diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, or island-hopping. Penghu Island is the largest of 90 islands, which can be visited by ferry or by boat. It's also possible to find a local flight to the islands from Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Chiayi, and Kaohsiung,

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