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Yangmingshan Flower Season in Taiwan

Sakura, azalea, camellia, wild peony, and peach blossoms cover the Yangmingshan National Park every spring

Yangmingshan Flower Season
Yangmingshan Flower Season
Yangmingshan Flower Season

February through March is the best time to see the flowers of Yangmingshan National Park in full bloom. This mesmerizing sea of flowers brings large numbers of visitors to the park to see its iconic natural scenes. Sakura (cherry blossoms), azalea, camellia, wild peony, peach blossoms, and many more blooms fill Yangmingshan National Park at this time. A day trip to the park or mountain areas for “cherry blossom viewing” is a favorite pastime for many Taiwanese people during springtime. The park usually hosts various events and entertainment during this season, like the parades and dancing competitions. The Paper Windmill Theatre troupe's performances highlight Yangmingshan flowers and local history. A makeshift post office at the venue offers a unique flower season-themed commemorative stamp for stamp collectors. Various picnics and themed tours are organized for visitors to take advantage of the beautiful season.

Cherry blossoms start blooming in the park in late January. Taiwan cherry is the first species to flower. It is followed by spectacular Yaezakura trees that are famous for its lush flowers with two layers of petals. Late-blooming Showa and Yoshino trees flower in February. Cherry trees are concentrated around the second parking lot of the park, near the Flower Clock, and the Yangming Park fountain.

Practical info

When can visitors see flowers in full bloom at Yangmingshan National Park?

The approximate time when flowers are in full bloom at Yangmingshan National Park is during February and March, which marks spring in Taiwan. With the cherry blossoms starting to bloom in late January, visitors can see the azaleas, camellias, wild peonies, peach blossoms, and many other flowers bloom during this period, resulting in a breathtaking sea of colorful flowers that cover the entire park. Show more

Where are the cherry trees located inside the park that visitors can enjoy the most?

The most popular places to enjoy the cherry trees in the park are near the Flower Clock, around the second parking lot, and the Yangming Park fountain. The first species of flowers to appear is the cherry blossom, which can be seen starting with the Taiwan cherry, followed by Yaezakura trees with two layers of petals, and Showa and Yoshino trees blooming in February. Visitors can witness and capture stunning views of these blossoms from these locations. Show more

What are the different types of flowers visitors can find at Yangmingshan National Park during springtime?

Visitors can find many types of flowers besides the cherry blossom at Yangmingshan National Park during springtime. The park is home to other flower varieties like azalea, camellia, wild peony, peach blossoms, and more, with different species blooming at different times. This diversity allows visitors to experience various floral sceneries. Additionally, there are over 1,200 plant types and 120 bird species in the park throughout the year. Show more

What kind of events or entertainment usually takes place at the park during the flower season?

Several events and entertainment are available for visitors during the flower season at Yangmingshan National Park, including parades, dancing competitions, and Paper Windmill Theatre troupe performances. Celebrating the significance of the flowers and local history, visitors may also collect flower-themed commemorative stamps at a makeshift post office in the park. The best flower viewing can be experienced through tours and picnics organized for visitors during the flower season. Show more

What are the unique activities or tours available for visitors inside the park during the flower season?

In addition to flower viewing, visitors can enjoy other unique activities and tours during the flower season inside Yangmingshan National Park. These include guided walks, bicycle rides, flower viewing tours offered by local companies, hot spring bathing, and cultural activities. Visitors may also join a cherry blossom tour that not only showcases stunning cherry blossom views but also provides insights into the park's ecology and history. Show more

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