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Camellia Showcase in London

Apart from China and Japan, Chiswick's Camellias are the oldest in the world

Best time: late February–March

Camellia Showcase
Camellia Showcase
Camellia Showcase

If you appreciate flowers, you will definitely love the Camellia collection renowned as one of the oldest after China and Japan. Camellias flourishing in the Chiswick Gardens are believed to have been planted in the 1830's. The flowers bloom from the end of February till the end of March.

Practical info

When is the best time of year to see the Camellia collection at Chiswick's Gardens?

Late February to the end of March is when the Camellia collection at Chiswick's Gardens is in full bloom, showcasing their vibrant colors and unique beauty. To see these flowers at their best, plan your visit to the Gardens during this time. Show more

Where can I find the Chiswick Gardens in London?

Located in the Chiswick area, the Chiswick Gardens can be found at Bath Road in London W4 2RP. Public transportation is easily accessible, and nearby parking options are also available. Once you arrive, explore the gardens and enjoy the must-see Camellia collection for flower enthusiasts. Show more

What makes the Camellia collection in Chiswick unique compared to others around the world?

One of the oldest collections outside of China and Japan, the Camellia collection in Chiswick was established with the planting of the flowers in the 1830s. This beautiful and historic collection provides a unique experience and is a must-see for visitors interested in horticulture and gardening. Show more

Can I buy Camellia plants or flowers at the Chiswick Gardens?

The beauty of the Camellia collection in the Chiswick Gardens can be appreciated, but unfortunately, you cannot buy the plants or flowers. Visitors can take pictures to capture the memory of their visit and take in the unique experience that the collection offers. Show more

Are the Chiswick Gardens open year-round, or only during certain times of the year?

The Chiswick Gardens are open year-round with various events and activities organized at certain times, including concerts, tours, and fairs. While it is recommended to visit in the spring to view the Camellia collection, visitors can enjoy the gardens' other flowers and plants throughout the year. Show more

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