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Hydrangea Blossoms in Japan

Explore the temples of Kamakura with its stunning flower carpets

Best time: June–early July

Hydrangea Blossoms
Hydrangea Blossoms
Hydrangea Blossoms

Adorning temples and forests, these blue and at times pink ​wonders are a true sign of summer. Visit Hasedera, Meigetsuin, or Tokeiji Temples to see more than 40 varieties of this beautiful flower! And it's only about 70 km away from Tokyo.

Practical info

When is the best time to see hydrangea blossoms in Japan?

The best time to visit Japan to see the full bloom of hydrangea is between June and early July. Spectacular hydrangeas can be found in various places like gardens, temples, and shrines, especially in areas such as Kamakura, Hakone, and Himeji Castle. All these locations offer the perfect environment for a memorable experience of these beautiful flowers. Show more

Where can I find hydrangea blossoms in Tokyo?

Tokyo's temples and shrines, such as Mukojima Hyakkaen Garden, Shiofune Kannonji Temple, and Hakusan Shrine, are where one can enjoy the beauty of hydrangea blooms. These prime locations are great photo opportunities for guests to have memories with the radiant blossoms that adorn them. Show more

What are the most popular temples to visit for hydrangea blossoms in Kamakura?

Hasedera, Tokeiji, and Meigetsuin temples are some of Kamakura's most visited temples due to their extensive hydrangea gardens. Hasedera temple, in particular, boasts over 40 varieties of hydrangeas. Kamakuragu Shrine, Zuisenji, and Jomyoji temples are also magnificent locations to enjoy the enchanting view of hydrangea flowers. Show more

What other activities can I do in Kamakura besides visiting temples for hydrangea blossoms?

Kamakura offers more than just viewing the hydrangea blossoms, and visitors can indulge in activities like beach strolling, hiking the trails, exploring Kamakura Museum of National Treasures to learn about local history, and enjoying the area's famous shirasu cuisine, particularly the whitebait dishes. Show more

What is the blooming duration of hydrangea blossoms in Kamakura?

In Kamakura, the blooming period of hydrangea blossoms usually takes place from June commencing into mid-July and sometimes into August, depending on the weather condition of each year. Hydrangea blooms can be seen wonderfully at multiple temples and shrines in Kamakura. The serene temple atmosphere is best experienced on a sunny day or early morning with fewer visitors for a maximum hydrangea viewing experience. Show more

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