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Cherry Blossoms

The first week of April is the best chance to see Japanese cherry trees in full bloom!


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There are a few reasons why spring is a great time for traveling in Japan. One of the most popular attractions is Japanese cherry (sakura) blossoms. The beauty of the flowers is widely known and a variety excursions are arranged just for their beauty. If you want to admire their glory, it's best to plan thoroughly beforehand.

Cherry Blossoms in Japan - Best Season 2020

Generally, in Japan, sakura trees bloom starting from late March, but it can also vary regionally. For example, sakura usually blooms in Tokyo in late March, but in Sapporo only in late April! You will need to follow the weather and bloom forecasts not to miss anything! Our advice would be to come in the beginning of April and you'll be able to catch sakura in bloom in most cities! If not, you can always take a flower safari to other cities and watch them bloom at other dates during this time!

Best time for Cherry Blossoms in Japan 2020

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