Best time to travel to Hungary

Lavender Fields and Butterfly Valley

Blooming lavender and dancing butterflies is a perfect combination for a romantic and magical trip

Lavender Fields and Butterfly Valley in Hungary 2020 - Best Time

© Susan Sz

This five-kilometer long peninsula stretches from one of the shores of the biggest lake in Europe—Lake Balaton. The tiny village Tihany is located on the hills of this peninsula. It is a very charming and quiet spot, which attracts thousands of visitors every summer to enjoy the burst of aroma and colours.

July and August turn the fields of Tihany into violet carpets of blooming lavender and the air above the fields becomes an impressionist painting with a palette of butterflies. Lavender plan​tations now produce different goods for decoration, medicine, and cosmetology. They are inhabited with more than 800 butterflies, which perform their beautiful dance every summer and turn this location into a so-called​ "butterfly valley."