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Lavender Fields and Butterfly Valley

Blooming lavender and dancing butterflies are a perfect combination for a romantic trip


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The tiny village of Tihany is located on the hills of the five-kilometer long peninsula that stretches from one of the shores of the biggest lake in Europe—Lake Balaton. It is a charming rural spot, which attracts visitors every summer by the burst of aroma and colors.

July and August turn the fields of Tihany into violet carpets of blooming lavender. The air above the fields resembles an impressionist painting due to a colorful palette of butterflies. About 1000 butterflies perform their beautiful dance every summer and turn this location into a "butterfly valley."

The Old Lavender Field of Tihany is located between Csúcs-hegy and Apát-hegy. It can be reached by bus from Balatofüred train station. The peak bloom is in July, while harvest time is in August. The local lavender farm was founded in the early 20th century and was the country's first large lavender plantation. It now serves more to attract tourists. However, lavender from the plantations is still used to produce decorations, medicine, and cosmetics. These products are available at the Lavender House Visitor Centre located at the Eastern gate of the Bakony–Balaton Geopark. The park also offers guided tours of the area.

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