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Kelenföld Power Station Visit in Hungary

The collision of Art Deco architecture and abandoned technology under one roof

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Kelenföld Power Station Visit
Kelenföld Power Station Visit
Kelenföld Power Station Visit
Kelenföld Power Station Visit
Kelenföld Power Station Visit

In 2007 the Kelenföld Power Station stopped functioning as a power supplier for Budapest, but at the same time, it became an interesting tourist attraction. It is partially abandoned, but its major attraction—the legendary control room and the old transformer house—open their doors occasionally and unveil their technological essence for guided groups.

All of the buildings of the station are protected by law, so they stay intact, and the original interior can be observed—hundred-year-old​ turbines, dust-covered ​machinery, and military green control panels.

The centerpiece of the plant is the huge Art Deco glass ceiling that allows streams of sunlight into the room and creates a futuristic feeling, rather than taking you into the past.

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