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Marfa Lights in Texas

One of the most mysterious things you may see in Texas

Best time: November–April

Marfa Lights

Whole generations of Texans have been looking for the answer to the question - "What are these lights?" This unexplainable phenomenon can be seen in the desert outside the West Texas town of Marfa. Mysterious lights appear and disappear in the same place during the night. They circle around, split apart, melt together, disappear, and reappear again. The best time to see them are clear nights.

There are thousands of theories, stories, and legends associated with this phenomenon, but till now no-one can say exactly they are. Some believe it's a UFO, others say these are reflections of automobile headlights, camp fires, or the moonlight. There are even those, who believe that they are the ghosts of conquistadors looking for gold.

Anyway, in the daylight at that very place, ​you won't find any signs of ashes or a road, or anything that can explain it. The show goes on, and in recent years it has become a tourist attraction. More and more people want to see everything with their own eyes. Those who are curious can visit the official viewing area, which is located 9 miles east from the town on Highway 90. Nightvision glasses will help you see even more.

Practical info

When should visitors go to Marfa Lights in Texas?

The optimal time to visit Marfa Lights in Texas is from November through April. Clear skies and low humidity make it easy to witness the phenomenon and stay comfortably outside for longer periods. Cooler air temperatures at night also provide more comfortable conditions. Show more

Where can visitors view Marfa Lights officially?

The official viewing platform for Marfa Lights is approximately 9 miles east of town on Highway 90. The area has a parking lot, educational exhibits, restrooms, and benches. Visitors can also use night vision goggles for an enhanced viewing experience. When visiting, be sure to respect the surrounding private land and stay on the viewing platform. Show more

What are some common theories about Marfa Lights?

Despite many theories, the source of Marfa Lights remains unknown. Theories range from natural reflections caused by headlights, campfires, or other sources to unexplained phenomena like ball lightning, bioluminescence, or ghosts. To this day, no one knows what causes the lights to appear. Show more

What can visitors do to improve their view of Marfa Lights at night?

Visitors can use night vision goggles to see the colors and behaviors of Marfa Lights better at night. For the best observation, look on clear, starry nights when humidity is low and temperatures are cold. Dressing warmly is recommended because West Texas temperatures can fluctuate rapidly. Avoid making any sudden movements or loud noises and use a red flashlight to keep the viewing area peaceful and still. Show more

How can visitors get to the official viewing platform of Marfa Lights?

Visitors must use a private car, taxi, or tour to reach the official viewing area since no public transportation is available. Renting a car allows for greater freedom in exploring the town and surrounding area. Taxis are available, but it's best to book them ahead of time. During the late fall and winter, many tour companies offer Marfa Lights tours that provide transportation, snacks, and dinner. Show more

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