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Franja Partisan Hospital

A Slovenian symbol of international cooperation and resistance in the time of WWII

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The Franja Partisan Hospital, or Partizanska bolnica Franja in Slovenian, at Dolenji Novaki near Cerkno is a group of functionally-arranged partisan medical facilities. The beauty of the place is that it is located in the narrow, hardly accessible Pasice Gorge, which is a natural attraction itself.

The partisan hospital complex comprises 14 wooden constructions and several small secondary facilities. All the buildings were gradually set up in the difficult period from December 1943 to May 1945.

The hospital was among the best-equipped of hidden hospitals. It boasted an X-ray machine, an operating room, a care facility for the disabled, and even a small electric plant. Most of the equipment was well-preserved on-site until the ruining flood of 2007. The complex went through a complete renovation, which was finished in May 2010.

Franja has received a prestigious award presented by the Committee for European Heritage, the European Heritage Label, and is also included on a Tentative List of the candidates for a UNESCO World Heritage List. The site draws visitors interested in World Word II history, as we as those who love the harmonious blend of architecture and nature. A walk along the trail from the parking lot to the Pasice Gorge takes around 10 minutes. The trail winds along a stream, taking visitors across wooden bridges and stairs. Visitors can inform themselves with boards in Slovenian and English along the trail. For a better viewing experience, you can arrange a guided tour.

Today, the Franja Partisan Hospital is administered by Idrija Municipal Museum. Opening hours differ throughout the year. The best time to visit Franja is from April to September when it's open from 9 am to 6 pm. Moreover, if you visit the area in spring and summer, you can enjoy the richness of the flora and the fragrance of cyclamens. Throughout October, opening hours are from 9 am to 4 pm. In the low season from November to March, the site can be visited by appointment only.

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