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Rafting and Kayaking in Slovenia

Grab a boat and take an exciting trip down one of the many incredible rivers of Slovenia!

Best time: April–October

Rafting and Kayaking
Rafting and Kayaking
Rafting and Kayaking
Rafting and Kayaking

As the snow melts on the many mountains of Slovenia, its rivers are filled with water which provides an incredible rafting and kayaking experience.

Here you can pick a river depending on your experience—thankfully Slovenia has many many rivers to offer. The most adrenaline-boosting rides you can experience can be found on fast rivers like Savina, Kolpa, Sava, and Krka.

The more calm and suitable for rating is the beautiful Soča which flows through a beautiful green valley. An even more laid-back experience can be had if you rent equipment on the coast of one of many Slovenian lakes. But still no matter which waters you choose, a guide is recommended, so that you’ll enjoy not only an exciting but also a safe ride.

Soča River is officially open for water sports from mid-March through August. Most of the rafting and kayaking companies operate from late spring through summer, and some of them until late October. So, we recommend April-October as a general timeframe for rafting and kayaking in Slovenia.

Practical info

When is the ideal time for kayaking and rafting in Slovenia?

Between April and October is the optimal period to indulge in kayaking and rafting in Slovenia since the winter months may not have the right water conditions for it. Soča River, a popular spot for water sports, is officially open from mid-March to August only. Show more

Which waterways in Slovenia are the most thrilling for adventure enthusiasts?

Slovenia has several rivers to choose from for rafting and kayaking. Savina, Kolpa, and Krka rivers are recommended for the ones seeking an adrenaline rush due to their fast and exciting rides. Be sure to confirm with the guides as these rivers might not be safe if you have no or little experience. Show more

Is there a place where I can rent kayaking and rafting equipment for a pleasant experience?

Renting equipment near the shore of one of Slovenia's many lakes is the best option for people who prefer non-extreme experiences or are beginners. Keep in mind that for safety purposes, it's recommended to have a guide even for a relaxed ride. Show more

Is it necessary to hire a guide for kayaking or rafting in Slovenia?

While seasoned kayakers can go solo, newbies and intermediate paddlers are recommended to engage a guide. Guides ensure safety and offer a better experience by showing scenic places and selecting the best routes. Slovenian kayaking and rafting companies provide guides who can speak various languages, including English. Show more

What are the regulations and rules to be followed while kayaking and rafting in Slovenia?

In Slovenia, regulations exist for kayaking and rafting. The use of alcohol is strictly prohibited, and all participants need to follow the guide's instructions. Paddlers are obliged to wear a helmet, life jacket, and appropriate footwear while kayaking. Lastly, you need to have parental consent if you are below 18 years old to indulge in water sports. Show more

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