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Climbing Triglav in Slovenia

Go on an exciting journey of conquering the highest mountain in Slovenia—Triglav

Best time: June–October

Climbing Triglav
Climbing Triglav
Climbing Triglav
Climbing Triglav

Being the highest mountain of Slovenia, Triglav attracts lots of hikers, even though the trail is not the easiest one. So if you want to conquer Triglav yourself, you should take a two or even three-day hike. The easiest way takes about 16 hours.

If you go in June or July you will come across lots and lots of wildflowers. If you’re looking for a less crowded experience, go during September when the weather is still warm and views are perfect. October is still a great time to climb the Triglav though the days are a bit colder and the forests are beautifully coloured.

To make your journey safe and comfortable, you’ll need some equipment like helmets and climbing ropes. Also don’t hesitate to take some warm clothes because even in summer there can be quite a lot of snow.

Practical info

What is the ideal time to trek Triglav?

Triglav is best climbed from June to October when weather conditions are favorable, and flora is in full bloom. If you want to avoid crowds, consider heading out in September. If you plan on going in October, note that it's chillier but it's worth the climb to see the colorful deciduous trees. Show more

Which are the places offering rental equipment for climbing Triglav?

The towns surrounding the Triglav range, such as Kranjska Gora, Bled, or Bohinj have several shops where you can rent gear. You can also rent equipment from either mountain huts or guides. It's best if you book in advance to guarantee availability. Show more

What routes can one take to reach the summit of Triglav?

There are several paths you can take to summit Triglav, each with varying degrees of difficulty. The Seven Lakes Valley, Krma Valley, and Vrata Valley are the most popular, with markers directing hikers in the right direction. If you're up for a more challenging climb, you can go for a climb from the Luknja pass or the Planika mountain hut. Show more

Is the trek to Triglav peak difficult?

Triglav is a challenging trek, even for experienced hikers. An ascent of the peak requires one to climb steep paths that can get slippery or icy depending on the time of year. Physical fitness is required, and climbers must carry equipment, including a helmet, harness, and climbing ropes. If you're not familiar with the mountain, it's recommended that you hire a mountain guide. Show more

What are other tourist attractions near Triglav mountain?

In the Triglav National Park, there are various natural attractions you can visit. Kayaking and rafting trips on the Soca River are a popular activity. The Vintgar Gorge offers a walking trail that leads to waterfalls. And, the Lake Bohinj, complete with hiking trails, is a haven for nature lovers. Dotted around the area are many picturesque Slovenian villages that provide perfect viewing spots for the changing mountain landscapes. Show more

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