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Climbing Triglav

Go on an exciting journey of conquering the highest mountain in Slovenia—Triglav

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Being the highest mountain of Slovenia, Triglav attracts lots of hikers, even though the trail is not the easiest one. So if you want to conquer Triglav yourself, you should take a two or even three-day hike. The easiest way takes about 16 hours.

If you go in June or July you will come across lots and lots of wildflowers. If you’re looking for a less crowded experience, go during September when the weather is still warm and views are perfect. October is still a great time to climb the Triglav though the days are a bit colder and the forests are beautifully coloured.

To make your journey safe and comfortable, you’ll need some equipment like helmets and climbing ropes. Also don’t hesitate to take some warm clothes because even in summer there can be quite a lot of snow.

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