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Climbing Mount Apo

Conquer the highest mountain of the Philippines


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If you want to get the best views of the Philippines, you're welcome to climb a Mount Apo's. This is the highest volcanic mountain in the Philippines with the height of 2,954 m. The mountain is located on Mindanao island. Although it takes almost two days to reach its top, the journey is truly inspiring.

There are several trails that can lead you to the top. Professional climbers appreciate numerous challanges—almost vertical slopes and rocky ledges. But if you are looking for the easiest pass, the Kidapawan Trail is the one. To climb the mountain you are required to first register at Kidapawan Tourism Office and get a climbing permission. The trail should not be taken lightly—you have to be in a good physical shape to make it and have your basic camping gear with you.

Some people claim that Mount Apo’s sunrises are stunning, as they are reminiscent of watercolor paintings. Lakes, forests, and colorful wildlife are waiting for you. The mountain is home to more than 100 endemic birds, including the famous Philippine eagle.

There're no dry and wet season on Mount Apo—the rainfalls are evenly distributed throughout the year, so you could do the hike it any time. Still, summer is considered the best season to hike Mt. Apo for the weather is the least changeable during that time. The Philippine summer months are between March and May. All the same, you should always check the weather before you go, even when you choose the favourable summer time.

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