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Meditation during Buddhist Holidays

October–July • activity

Calm your mind and practice wholesome meditation in a Lao Buddhist temple

Sunset at Mount Phou Si

November–February • activity

328 steps lead to a beautiful view over ancient golden temples that reflect the last beams of the falling Sun

Khao Lam Rice in Bamboo

November–March • food

Lao rice dishes can be spicy, salty, or sweet. Do not miss the chance to try the latter in one of its many variations

Exploring Caves

November–February • activity

The hidden world of Laos is as impressive as its architectural gems above ground

Opium Flowers

January–February • nature

Blooming poppies turn the green hills of Laos into amazing impressionist pictures

Coffee Harvest

November–March • food

Wander the green jungles of Arabica and Robusta in Laos


July–September | October–March • activity

Exploring Laos via kayak is a great adventure


November–February • activity

Try out some climbing in the Karst hills for great views of the green countryside and winding rivers

Caring for an Elephant

December–February • activity

Enjoy the unique experience of caring for an elephant

Gibbon Experience

November–May • activity

This activity is undoubtedly for those who are not afraid of heights

Xieng Khuan or Buddha Park

October–April • activity

Buddhist and Hindu gods and deities gather in Spirit City near Vientiane


October–April • activity

A bike journey may be the best way to explore all the beautiful details and hidden gems of Laos

Traditional Lao Wedding

October–March • activity

Rural Lao weddings are a great demonstration of national traditions. Hopefully some friends will invite you over

The Plain of Jars

February–April • activity

This is where the mysterious and enigmatic Laos unfolds

Lao-Lao Whiskey

late January–early February • food

Enjoy a quiet and tiny Lao village on the bank of Mekong River and learn how to make real rice whiskey


January–June • nature

These gorgeous flowers are most beautiful in their native habitat

Khao Poun Soup

November–March • food

Coconut milk with meat and vermicelli may sound weird, but it definitely tastes great!


December–May • food

Lao crispy river weed


Trekking to Bolaven Plateau & Tad Fane Waterfall

July–October • activity

Trekking in the rainforests can be somewhat challenging, but very rewarding with magnificent vistas and untouched nature

Pi Mai Lao or Lao New Year

April 14–16, 2018 • event

No fireworks or fancy family dinners, but rather a​ temple worship, splashing water, and street food

Baci Ceremony

April 15 • event

This ceremony helps people to bind one's inner spirits to the body for good health and luck

Boun Bang Fai or Rocket Festival

May • event

For just the right amount of rain try the Lao way and send off a rocket to the god of rain


June–September • activity

If you can swim, this should be on the top of your list in Laos

Culture and Lifestyle of Khmu

June–August • activity

How far will you go to dive into ancient cultures?

Boun Awk Phansa or the End of Buddhist Lent

October 24, 2018 • event

Water dragons, flower boats, and floating candles—all part of this magical festival!

Boun That Luang Festival

November 16–22, 2018 • event

The most important Buddhist​ celebration in Laos welcomes its visitors with flowers, music, and wax castles

Boun Khao Phansa or the First Day of Buddhist Lent

July 28, 2018 • event

It can be a very calming and peaceful experience to join the Lao people in temples on the first day of Buddhist Lent

Hmong New Year

December • event

An indigenous ethnic group of Northern Laos displays their own festive traditions


May–October • nature

While butterflies dance around, your mind can calm you can enjoy their simple colourful beauty

Slow Boat on the Mekong River

May–September • activity

A peaceful trip along the Mekong River is a great way to get acquainted with Lao people and take great pictures

Asian Black Bear

July–October • nature

Though this species is endangered, great efforts are being made by the people of Laos to save it

Exotic Fruits

April–July • food

Get your dose of colour in Laos and try all the unique fruit!

Edible Insects

June–July | November–January • food

Why not broaden your palate with various insect species?

Water Lily

late November–December • nature

Pink stars have fallen from the sky to rest on clear water and be named water lilies

Khao Nom Kok or Lao Coconut Cakes

late July • food

Delicious and part of an ancient legend these coconut cakes are truly irresistible!

Tam Mak Houng or Papaya Salad

mid-April • food

Lao people commonly celebrate New Years with spicy papaya salad