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Asian Black Bear

Though this species is endangered, great efforts are being made by the people of Laos to save it


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Laos is one of the few countries where Asian Black Bear can still be observed in conditions close to the wild. Unfortunately, this gorgeous species is endangered, and only rescue centers and human efforts can save it.

The Asian Black Bear is also known as the moon bear for its white V-shaped spot on the chest. Males are middle-sized and can reach up to 200 kgs in weight. Some scientists consider this species to be an ancestor of other existing bear species. Its prevailing habitat is the forest, so the Tat Kuang Si rescue center of Asian Black Bears is located deep in the wild 30 km away from Luang Prabang. There are about 20 bears in the center and they can be visited all year around. However, due to high temperatures during the high season, bears are more active and lively when the rains come to Laos and forests are reborn from the heat. Thus, July through October is a more suitable period for meeting these beautiful animals, especially if you also decide to spend some time around the nearby Kuang Si Falls.

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