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Bear Watching in Slovakia

Slovakia boasts quite a few bears living in the wild. Don't hesitate to go on a bear watching tour

Best time: late June–late October

Bear Watching

Slovakia is home to different wild animals like foxes, wildcats, wolves, deer, boars, bears, and many others. Owing to 150 brown bears in Slovakia, bear watching became very popular. It's a great chance to spend your day outdoors enjoying nature. If you are planning to discover Slovakian wildlife it's better to wake up early, approximately at 5 am when bears go to search for some fresh blueberries in the forest.

There are lots of specialized bear watching tours with professional guides and equipment, including binoculars, bikes, helmets, etc. The guide can show you the best spots where you can enjoy bear watching in the High and Low Tatras, the Malá and Veľká Fatra. Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes and waterproof clothes. Depending on the weather, temperature, and snowfalls, bears get ready for hibernation in November, and this process lasts all winter. In Slovakia, bear watching tours are available from late June until late October.

Practical info

When is the best time to go on a bear watching tour in Slovakia?

Bear-watching tours in Slovakia are most active from late June to late October, when the bears' activities are at their peak. The chances of spotting them in the wild are also high during this period. To increase the odds, it's advisable to begin the tour early at around 5 am when the bears search for blueberries in the forest. Although the weather can be unpredictable, an early start will ensure a more successful tour. Show more

Where are the best spots for bear watching in Slovakia?

Slovakia's most populated areas for bears and hence the favorite spots for watching them are High and Low Tatras, Malá and Veľká Fatra. Several national parks and protected areas offer excellent guides' services, who have ample knowledge of the region. Guides provide bear watching tourists with binoculars, bikes, helmets, and other essential equipment for a successful and comfortable tour. Show more

What other wildlife can travelers observe in Slovakia besides bears?

Slovakia is a habitat for various wild animals, including wolves, foxes, deer, wildcats, and boars, among others. The country boasts several national parks and protected areas designated to preserve the rich flora and fauna. Slovak Paradise, Low Tatras, High Tatras, and Pieniny are some of the popular national parks that offer the ideal destinations to experience wildlife in their natural habitat. Show more

What kind of equipment do the specialized bear watching tours provide?

Specialized bear watching tours provide crucial equipment like binoculars, waterproof clothes, bikes, helmets, and comfortable shoes. Tour operators vary in the equipment provided hence essential to consult and identify with them beforehand. Carrying extra warm clothing layers is recommended since the early morning temperatures in the forest might be cold. Show more

Can we watch bears in Slovakia during the winter, or does the hibernation period affect it?

Bears usually hibernate in Slovakia starting November throughout winter; hence it's almost impossible to spot them during this period. To enjoy watching bears in Slovakia, preferably plan the tour between late June and late October when bears are more active. The bears tend to be actively searching for food to stock up for their winter hibernation period during this time, increasing the chances of spotting them. Show more

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