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Slovak International Air Fest (SIAF) 2024

Learn all about aircraft work at this stunning air festival

Dates: August 31-September 1, 2024

Slovak International Air Fest (SIAF)
Slovak International Air Fest (SIAF)
Slovak International Air Fest (SIAF)
W-3A Sokol Helicopter Czechia

The Slovak International Air Fest (SIAF) is an annual airshow held at the Airbase Malacky-Kuchyňa in Slovakia. This event, scheduled for August 31 to September 1, showcases the prowess and skill of aviation professionals from around the world. Partnering with the Slovak Air Force, the festival promises two days filled with both dynamic aerial displays and static ground demonstrations, providing an unparalleled experience for aviation enthusiasts and spectators alike.

Recap of Last Year

Last year's SIAF featured an impressive lineup of participants, showcasing the diversity and excellence of aviation capabilities. Among the aircraft showcased in the static display were the Airbus A400M, Tornado PA200, and NH90 from the German Air Force, alongside the Eurofighter Typhoon and two F-16s from the Royal Netherlands Air Force. The flying show was equally captivating, featuring aircraft such as the Bell 429 from Letecký útvaru MV SR and the Dornier Do 228 from the Royal Air Force, as well as the RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team.

What to Expect at SIAF 2024

As anticipation builds for SIAF 2024, aviation enthusiasts can look forward to an equally thrilling lineup of aircraft and performances. One of the anticipated highlights of SIAF 2024 is the arrival of the first F-16 Block 70 fighter in Slovakia, marking a historic moment for the nation's Air Force. Organizers are optimistic about showcasing this cutting-edge aircraft to the public for the first time. The schedule and confirmed aircraft for this year's event will soon be announced on the official website and social media channels, ensuring that attendees stay informed and prepared for an unforgettable experience.

Showcasing Innovation

Beyond thrilling aerial performances, SIAF is also a platform for the presentation of products and services from both domestic and foreign defense industries. Attendees can expect a comprehensive display of military and aviation technology, providing insights into the latest advancements in the field.

Honoring Historical Significance

SIAF 2024 aims to commemorate significant milestones, including the 80th anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising, the 75th anniversary of NATO, and the 20th anniversary of Slovakia's entry into the European Union and NATO. With invitations extended to participants from 23 countries, the event promises to be an international spectacle.

The festival is meticulously organized by the Slovak Aviation Agency in collaboration with various governmental bodies, including the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of the Interior, as well as strategic partners such as Lockheed Martin. With a rich history dating back to its inception in 2005, SIAF has earned recognition from the European Airshow Council for its exceptional contribution to the world of aviation events.

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