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Meeting Aérien International de la Somme-Hauts de France 2024

You've never seen such dexterity and skilfulness as there is at this aviation show!

Dates: August 24, 2024

Meeting Aérien International de la Somme-Hauts de France

Meeting Aérien International de la Somme, known as the "Meeting d'Albert," is a significant annual aviation event slated for August 24, at Amiens-Henry Potez International Airport in Albert. This event stands as the largest gathering of its kind in northern France, boasting a display of approximately 120 aircraft, both on the ground and soaring through the skies.

The Air Meeting, renowned for its scale and diversity, offers attendees a captivating glimpse into the world of aviation. At the heart of the event are awe-inspiring aerial displays featuring a diverse array of aircraft. Spectators can anticipate witnessing breathtaking acrobatic displays, glider performances, helicopters in action, as well as reconstructions of aerial combats from pivotal historical periods, including World Wars I and II.

Featured Performers

For those interested in the performers, a diverse lineup awaits, featuring internationally acclaimed aerobatic teams and iconic aircraft. From the Royal Jordanian Falcons, demonstrating their prowess in military trainer aircraft, to the historic Noratlas 2501, emblematic of military air transport, and the cutting-edge Rafale Marine, specially designed for aircraft carrier operations, each performer brings a unique element to the event.

Additional highlights include the Carnet de Vol, a French aerobatic team renowned for their precision maneuvers, Team Orlik from Poland, known for their daring performances, and the M-346 Master, an advanced trainer aircraft revered for its versatility and sophistication. The Global Stars and the Air Force Aerobatic Team further elevate the spectacle with their high-energy displays, showcasing the skill and precision of their pilots.

Ground Attractions

Beyond the sky-bound spectacles, ground activities abound with exhibitions, flight simulators, sales stands, and the Aéro Village aeronautics exhibition. From the event's start at 10 am until its conclusion at 6 pm, attendees can explore various facets of aviation and immerse themselves in its rich history and technological advancements. Additionally, refreshments and catering services will be available onsite to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all.

Tickets and Parking

Admission tickets for adults (aged 10 and above) are priced at 16€, with free entry for children under 10 years old. Free parking facilities are provided, eliminating any hassle for visitors arriving by car. Please note that pets are prohibited from the premises.

Aviation Milestones

The event holds particular significance this year as it marks the commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of the Liberation of France and the Centenary of the Aeronautical Industry of Méaulte, underscoring the historical depth and cultural importance of the gathering. Organized by the Blue Sky Organization, the Somme International Air Meeting is the largest aviation event in the Hauts de France Region, attracting visitors from far and wide.

The Somme - Hauts de France Air Meeting promises an enriching experience for aviation enthusiasts and spectators alike. With its diverse lineup of aircraft, engaging ground activities, and commemorative significance, it stands as a must-attend event for anyone passionate about aviation history and innovation.

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