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The Jacobite Steam Train

early May–late October • activity

Did you know that the route of the Hogwarts Express passes through the Scottish Highlands?

Cruise to Staffa

April–October  • activity

The trip to Staffa amazes with wildlife encounters, puffin colonies, and the geometric shapes of Fingal's Cave

Blooming Heather

June–November  • nature

Purple heather blooms ornate open Scottish fields and heathlands, wetlands, and forests

Autumnal Castles

September–October • activity

Scottish castles nested atop extinct volcanoes or on the loch islands and cliff edges are beautifully​ surrounded by fall colours

Land or Sand Yachting

September–November | March–May  • activity

Water is not absolutely necessary to sail—when your boat has wheels and a sail you can easily glide on land

Hillwalking or Munro Bagging

April–October  • activity

To become a "completer" you have to bag not less than 284 Munros


May–October • activity

The brave and curious will enjoy exploring the nearly inaccessible craggy coastlines of western and eastern Scotland

Scotland's Most Remote Pub

April–October • activity

The waterway to the Old Forge Pub overlooks Europe's Last Wilderness, and the very pub pleases with strong ale, langoustines, and live music

Buckingham Palace Tours

August–September • activity

The finest pieces of art, exquisite furniture, and the overall magnificence of the palace evoke great awe

Hedgehog Rescue

April–October • activity

Hedgehogs are now on the endangered species list in Wales

Horse Flat Racing Season

April–September  • activity

Musselburgh Racecourse provides year round great racing action with 27 racedays

Seasonal Meats

September–November  • food

Discover the freshest meats and vegetables locally produced and indulge your sweet tooth with the best seasonal fruits

Dan-yr-Ogof, the National Showcaves Centre for Wales

April–October • nature

Explore the underworld of Brecon Beacons' caves, one of the most significant natural attractions of the UK!

Red Deer​ Rutting

September–October  • nature

The loud clash of red deer signals that rutting season is on–time to watch the stags' fight​

Langoustines, Crabs and Lobsters

April–November  • food

The search for the tastiest langoustines, crabs and lobsters will take you to the most beautiful scenery of Scotland

Exploring the Lake District

April–October • nature

Idyllic landscapes with ancient villages preserve the memory of the old times

Lunan Bay Bathing Season

June–mid-September • nature

Every princess would have enjoyed a swim on an appealing pink beach overlooked by a castle

Adventure Tubing and River Bugging

April–October  • activity

At some moments it might be unclear whether you flow or fly—either way a good dose of adrenaline is guaranteed


July–January | January 25 • food

Sheep's insides are sewn into its stomach, boiled, and served with "tatties and neeps" and a glass of Scotch Whisley for Burns Supper

Coast to Coast Walk

April–October • activity

Recognized as a classic, the Coast to Coast route continues to delight trekkers

Crab Apple Jelly

April–October  • food

Crab apple jelley with peanut butter makes for a delicious sweet-sour sandwich

Scotch Pie and Bovril

August–April  • food

A football match cannot do without a piece of warm nourishing mutton pie and a glass of hot beef-flavoured Bovril


May–September • activity

There is a tradition of priming the turf after the first two chukkers: spectators leave their seats and stroll around the field....

Beach Season

mid-May–September • activity

Sunny mornings in England can easily turn into afternoon rains, but if you don't mind the weather local beaches can surprise with their beauty

Hiking Legendary Landscapes of Wales

June–October • activity

Explore Wales with outdoor pursuits from June to October—the ideal period for hiking

Beach Season

June–September • activity

If you are not afraid of the cold, try Welsh beaches which attract lots of holidaymakers from year to year

Bottlenose Dolphins in Cardigan Bay

June–September • activity

Summer in Cardigan Bay is marked with playful spectacles performed by dolphins


April–October • activity

Golf courses of Scotland will impress you with breathtaking scenery—especially the course on the River Clyde encased by the Ayrshire hills


September–mid-April • food

Once the very Roman emperor deemed Scottish oysters as the best shellfish in the world

Cruising on a Vintage Steam Boat

late April–mid-September • activity

Even if you do not fancy visiting museums, you will definitely enjoy a sail on the Vic 32 proclaimed a "smokey living museum"

Great Orme Tramway

late March–late October • activity

Ride a Victorian tramcar to feel the atmosphere of old Llandudno

Seabirds in Glan y Môr Elias

September–February • nature

Walk along the shoreline of Glan y Môr Elias Local Nature Reserve for a real bird spectacle

Horse Riding

May–July | September • activity

Explore the Brecon Beacons horseback—the experience you've never been riding before!

Barnacle Geese

September–mid-April • nature

These tri-coloured birds are numerous in Scotland—they bark as if they were dogs and are believed to have originated from mollusks in Scottish folklore

Hunting Season

August 12–March • activity

The season starts with grouse, snipe, and ptarmigan then proceeds with other wildfowl and finishes with deer

Lamb Meat

July–January  • food

Scottish lamb is the sweetest and the leanest in the world owing to the excellent Highland pastures

White Water Rafting

June–September  • activity

Previous experience is not required, but you must be brave to survive the "Zag Zag," the "Sharks Tooth," and the drop over the Falls of Tummel


year round • activity

With 58 characters this village has the longest name in Europe

Water Skiing and Wakeboarding

April–September  • activity

Scotland's glistening lakes are there not just for visual delight—try out some skiing or wakeboarding!

Tower of London

all year round • activity

Visit the iconic landmark which played a pivotal role in the history of London

Stand Up Paddleboarding

March–November  • activity

"Row, row, row the board, gently down the stream"–yes, the board, no misspelling here. This sport​ combines surfing with kayaking

Canyoning and Gorge Walking

late March–late September • activity

The steep Scottish canyons, seemingly inaccessible at the first sight are actually explored by thousands of adventurous enthusiasts

Surfing in Wales

September–April (prime season) | April–October (classes and camping) • activity

This exhilarating experience, both good for confidence and the spirit, is one of the best ways to make your coastal adventure in Wales unforgettable


Porthcawl Elvis Festival

September 28–30, 2018 • event

Paying tribute of love to the King of Rock'n'Roll, for several years they clothe Elvis Presley' suits and wigs, imitate an immortal voice and motions, despite the age and sex

Fairy Pools of the Isle of Skye

October–November  • activity

Emerald-coloured pools possess magic powers that make you dive into the water, no matter how chilly it is


December 30–January 01 • event

Hogmanay is a unique way to celebrate the New Year with torchlights, bonfires, fireworks and loads of music and whiskey

Up Helly Aa

January 29, 2019 • event

To mark the end of the Yule season, thousands of Vikings traditionally burn the galley with thousands of torches

Hogwarts in the Snow

November 17 2018–January 27 2019 • activity

Still waiting for your invitation letter to Hogwarts? Luckily, today muggles can freely roam the school for wizards!

The Burry Man

August 10, 2018 • event

Follow the Burry Man throughout the streets of Queensferry as he drinks whisky and spreads good luck

Braemar Gathering

September 03 • event

The Gathering is famous for its hospitality, friendship, multitude of events and the presence of the Royal Family, and it's only a 2-hour drive from Edinburgh

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

August 03–25, 2018 • event

A memorable representation of dance, military pageantry and music as part of the Edinburgh Festival

Changing of the Guard

April–July • event

A guard in an iconic scarlet tunic and bearskin hat must be always on alert to protect the Queen, so the changing of the guard is a vital tradition

The Ba' Game

December 25 | January 01 • activity

When charged up Uppies and Doonies fight for the leather trophy ball, the townspeople protect their dwellings with wooden barricades

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

August 03–27, 2018 • event

A unique blend of thousands of known and less-known artists performing a wide variety of shows in smaller venues around the city

The Tall Ship Races

August 03–06, 2018 • event

One of the most impressive sailing events worldwide

Burning of the Clavie

January 11 • event

This Pagan feast may be erased from Gregorian calendar, but not from people'​s minds

Blooming Bluebells

April–May  • nature

Words seem needless at the site of this blue beauty

The Big Cheese Festival

July 27–29, 2018 • event

Take a break in one of Europe's largest castles to enjoy the old traditions of Wales

Autumn Foliage

late September–October • nature

Though Scots Pine is definitely the king of the Highlands, in autumn it lets other trees outshine it with beautiful colours

Stratford River Festival

June 30–July 01, 2018 • event

Spectacular narrow boats invite you to sail down the banks of the Avon

Northern Lights

December–February  • nature

The elusive Aurora reveals itself only to the most patient

Trooping the Colour & The Queen's Birthday Parade

June 09, 2018 • event

Even rows of marching soldiers called "Trooping the Colors​," royal flyovers, and salutes celebrate the Birthday of Her Majesty

Glastonbury Festival

June 26–30, 2019 • event

Have you ever been to the most significant greenfield event in the world?

Common Ridings on the Scottish Borders

June–early August • event

Though today there is no need to protect the Scottish borders, the Scots still celebrate their centuries-old traditions and history

Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival

May 03–07, 2018 • event

It is a great Scotch fun to intoxicate oneself to traditional Celtic singing, dancing, and storytelling

Seal Pups

November  • nature

The world's largest grey seal population and their cute pups inhabit the shores of the Scottish Orkney Islands

Lawn Mower Racing World Championships

September 08–09, 2018 • event

Racing is always competitive and spectacular. And how about lawn mower racing?

Ben Nevis

April–July  • activity

True hikers will not respect themselves having visited Scotland without ascending its highest summit

Reading & Leeds Festivals

August 23–25, 2019 • event

Some of the most popular music festivals in the UK with great names of pop and rock

World Bog Snorkelling Championship

August 26, 2018 • event

Spiderman, a cavewoman, Batman, mermaids, and others superheroes race in this peat bog

Red Squirrels

November–March  • nature

Cheeky red squirrels play in the white snow and among the green pines of Devilla Forest

Atlantic Puffins on Skomer

mid April–July (best early to mid-July) • nature

These "sea parrots" really make your day and put a smile on your face!

Edinburgh International Festival

August 03–27, 2018 • event

The Festival is a showcase of world's best music, dance, theatre, and opera in Edinburgh every August


July 02–15, 2018 • event

The oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament, one of four Grand Slam tournaments

Sailing around the Small Isles

late April–mid-August • activity

The picturesque Small Isles area is perfect for a sailing holiday on a traditional wooden yacht

London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

November 04, 2018 • event

Spectacular cars from the end of the 19th century preserve the spirit of good old England

Stirling Highland Games

August 18, 2018 • event

Multiple fun events combined with stalls full of local products are the main attractions at Stirling Highland Games

Lovebox Festival

July 13–14, 2018 • event

Enjoy the the genre-blurring lineup during one of the finest festivals in London


August 02–05, 2018 • event

Chilling with your family couldn't be more exciting!

The Loony Dook

January 01 • event

It is the perfect event if you have the urge plunging in icy waters while facing horrific weather conditions

Puffins on the Farne Islands

April–mid-July • nature

See these amazing birds on the northeast coast of England!

English Greyhound Derby

May–June • event

Watch elite dogs compete with grace in this traditional race

Boxing Day

December 26 • event

Age traditions remain alive though a bit different from the past

British Grand Prix

July 2019 (TBA) • event

The Grand Prix at Silverstone is one of the oldest in the history of Formula 1

Starling Murmuration

November–February • nature

A regular sunset shows performed by migrating starlings in Gretna shows that the birds are really into that small town in the south of Scotland

Isle of Wight Festival

June 21–24, 2018 • event

This festival is all about escapism thanks to its atmospheric location

Winter Mountain Biking

November–March  • activity

Winter is not a reason to hide your mountain bike in England

Download Festival

June 08–10, 2018 • event

The legendary rock festival in England which discovered some great names in the past

Isle of Man TT

May 25–June 07, 2019 • event

The most spectacular and dangerous motorsport event in the world

Wireless Festival

July 03–07, 2019 • event

Let this fantastic event be a highlight of your London summer!

Knaresborough Bed Race

June 09, 2018 • event

This fun event involves almost everybody in the town and attracts thousands of visitors

Monmouth Festival

July 27–August 04, 2018 • event

Check out the best live sounds of Welsh summer

Boomtown Fair

August 09–12, 2018 • event

Be a part of a phenomenal alternative world, be a part of the story!

Abergavenny Steam Rally

May 26–27, 2019 • event

Amazing vintage autos can be found in Abergavenny’s Bailey Park

Saundersfoot New Years Day Swim

January 01 • activity

Check out this traditional charity swimming in the icy waters at Saundersfoot on the first day of the New Year


August 03–11, 2018 • event

The largest and oldest celebration of Welsh culture in the world

Robin Hood Festival

August 27–September 02, 2018 • event

A knightly tournament with real ale, live music, and theatre performances in a medieval village with street artists and travelling minstrels

Royal Welsh Show

July 23–26, 2018 • event

Witness this popular agricultural event in Llanelwedd that attracts lots of visitors from all over the world

Christmas Markets or Fayres

mid-November–December • event

Festive Christmas atmosphere full of Welsh traditions and charms

Lavender Blooming

July • nature

Fields of flowering lavender decorate the landscapes of Cotswold with enchanting shades from smoky-lilac to blue-purple

Sweet Chestnut Season

October–late December • food

Large steaming braziers, from which a fragrant smoke spreads, is a typical sight for the Englishmen in the fall

Rugby Season

November–April • activity

Attend an exciting match of rugby at the most prestigious stadium on the planet in Cardiff!

Bluebells in Bloom

April–May • nature

Don't miss the blooming of this natural treasure of Wales in spring—countryside fields, woodlands, and gardens are covered with blue flower carpet!

Sheep Trekking in the Brecon Beacons

April–August • activity

Check out this typical Welsh scene and try some trekking among Wale's famous fluffy residents in the Brecon Beacons

Apple Day

October  • event

Discover "tasty" Apple Day in England, although you will be offered much more than just apples

Six Nations Championship

February–March • event

Witness one of the most impressive games of rugby heroes and losers during the Six Nations Championship

Christmas at Powis Castle

late November–late December • event

Try a fabulous Christmas at Powis Castle: Carols, Father Christmas in his grotto, and an illuminated garden

Pumpkin Season

October • food

The "golden head" is full of delicious seeds and vitamins


February–mid-March • nature

Delicate snowdrops rising up from the snow are able to console and inspire even the saddest souls


mid-October–mid-November • activity

It is not true that the treacherous Scottish waves leave no opportunities for inexperienced surfers—there are options for everyone


April • nature

Join the farmers and find out just how busy lambing season can be

Winter Hiking

December–February • activity

Explore the winter magic of the snow-capped peaks of Snowdonia or Brecon Beacons and walk historical trails along the Wales Coast Path

Asparagus Season

May–June • food

Asparagus has acquired the glory of an aristocratic product


August • food

Enjoy freshly shelled English peas!