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Scotland's Most Remote Pub 2024

The waterway to the Old Forge Pub overlooks Europe's Last Wilderness, and the very pub pleases with strong ale, langoustines, and live music

Best time: April–October

Scotland's Most Remote Pub
Scotland's Most Remote Pub
Scotland's Most Remote Pub

In addition to abundant wildlife​ and stunning scenery, the Knoydart peninsula is famed for hospitable people and the most remote pub in Britain. The most popular order in the Old Forge Pub includes a pint of microbrew ale and a plate of langoustines.

Everyone may bring their own fiddle and join the live music performance. Though you can get there by foot, by bus, or train; to ensure the most memorable impression it is preferable to use a ferry, as a water trip along the Scottish west coast renowned as "Europe's Last Wilderness" is really invaluable. The ferry trips run daily from Monday to Friday between April and October. The fee for adults is £15.

Practical info

Where can The Old Forge Pub be located?

The Old Forge Pub is positioned in Inverie, a secluded village on the Knoydart Peninsula in Scotland. Accessible by boat or hiking only, The Old Forge Pub is believed to be UK's remotest pub. Show more

During which months is The Old Forge Pub ideal to visit?

To experience the best of The Old Forge Pub, plan your visit between April and October. Ferry trips are available from weekdays, and this is an excellent time to explore Knoydart Peninsula. You may want to check the pub's event schedules if you're a music lover hoping to attend one of their lively events. Show more

What is the most sought dish or drink at The Old Forge Pub?

A plate of langoustines and the pub's own micro-brewed ale are the most popular dishes and drinks at The Old Forge Pub. You are encouraged to try these local favorites, but the pub also serves other drinks, such as whiskey, craft beers, and spirits, to its patrons. Show more

Is it possible to bring one's musical instrument to The Old Forge Pub?

Yes, you can bring your musical instruments to The Old Forge Pub and join their live music sessions. It's an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in traditional Scottish music and experience the authentic local environment. People come from far and wide to participate in the pub's spirited music sessions because the pub is well-known for its lively music scene. Show more

What is the fare charged for the ferry to Old Forge Pub?

The price for a ferry ride to The Old Forge Pub is around £15 for adults. The fare is charged one-way, and it offers spectacular views of Scotland's west coast, famously known as 'Europe's last Wilderness.' Ferries run daily from Monday to Friday between April and October, and it is advisable to make reservations ahead of time during busier periods. Show more

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