Best time to visit Oslo

Rooftop Bars

Visit local rooftop bars to chill out and view the best of Oslo panoramas

Rooftop Bars in Oslo 2019 - Best Time
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© Jens Bredberg / THE THIEF

In Oslo it's easy to combine dining out and sightseeing. A rooftop bar is a great place to enjoy the meal overlooked by the panorama of ever-changing Oslo. The only obstacle could be the weather. Due to cooler Nordic climate, local rooftop bars operate mainly from May to September.

Rooftop Bars in Oslo - Best Season 2019

In fact, Oslo doesn't have too many of roof terraces but the existing ones are truly worthy. Check out the Thief Roof, Stratos, Nodee Sky at Barcode, BAR Vulkan, Q Lounge at the Grims Grenka, and Eight Rooftop Bar at the Grand Hotel.