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Inferno Festival 2024

One of the biggest heavy metal festivals in Scandinavia

Dates: March 28-31, 2024

Inferno Festival
Inferno Festival

Inferno festival does not need to be introduced to the true metalheads as for more than 15 years it has been offering the best and the greatest black bands of the world. The festival evolves around the music scene but is not limited to it, including movies screening, workshops, and other activities.

Founded in 2001 by Borknagar guitarist Jens F. Ryland, it takes place at Rockefeller Music Hall during Easter weekend, attracting thousands of heavy metal fans from all over Europe. This genre is very popular in Norway so be prepared to hear local bands like Mayhem, Blood Red Throne and others. Wednesday is the club day at Inferno festival, and many clubs around Oslo are featuring heavy metal bands, so going club hopping might be a good idea.

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