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Outdoor Ice Skating in Oslo 2024-2025

Oslo is famous for its love for winter sports with ice skating being one of the locals' favourite

Best time: November–early March

Outdoor Ice Skating

There are several ice skating places in Oslo, such as Frogner Stadium. However skating on frozen lakes is much more fun, especially in Oslo forests. Be careful, though, and remember that the ice must be at least 10 cm (4 inches) thick in order to be safe for ice skating.

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What are some popular locations for ice skating in Oslo?

Frogner Stadium is a usual spot for ice-skating enthusiasts looking for a charming outdoor experience in Oslo. Skaters can visit the Spikersuppa ice rink, where over 200 individuals can skate at once. Skating on frozen lakes located deep inside city forests and parks is a local favorite and provides an unforgettable experience. Show more

When is the best time to go ice skating in Oslo?

The best time to go ice-skating in Oslo runs from November to early March. Snow and frozen lakes create a perfect atmosphere around Oslo, though the temperature can get very low. Although, the bright sunshine ensures that skaters enjoy fantastic backdrops for their skating sessions. Show more

How thick does the ice need to be for safe skating in Oslo forests?

A thickness of at least 10 cm (4 inches) is safe for ice-skating in forests around Oslo. To check for ice thickness, visitors can use a shovel to dig into the ice carefully, near the shore, to verify if it is safe. It is advisable to postpone ice-skating if the ice is less than 10 cm to avert any potential dangers. Show more

What winter sports are famous in Oslo besides ice skating?

Oslo is a winter sports haven with an array of activities to enjoy besides ice skating. Skiing is a popular sport, with Holmenkollen Ski Jump being an iconic landmark. Additionally, tourists will have other exciting options like cross-country skiing trails, snowshoe walks, and ice-fishing amongst others. Show more

Are there any additional safety precautions to take while ice skating in Oslo?

Experts advise against skating on poorly-lit ice-skating areas, particularly in isolated zones within the city. Skaters should stick to permitted ice-skating areas and avoid unfamiliar frozen lakes or rivers. Proper clothing for the weather is also crucial, and visitors must have an emergency plan in place. Lastly, ice-skating should never be a solitary experience; visitors must always partner or travel with a friend. Show more

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